I am shocked beyond words. When tragedy strikes among those we know

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    We all hear about shocking accidents and tragedies, we read about them, we see them in the news, but when they happen among those we personally know, it just doesn't seem real.
    Today I have learned from my husband about a tragedy involving someone we both know. I am still in shock. It’s 2:30 am and I can't get this thing out of my mind.
    There is this couple, in their sixties, the nicest people one will ever meet. The husband owns a small welding shop and he did some business in the past with my husband. They absolutely adore children. In fact they love children so much that 30 some years ago they adopted an raised a little boy with whom my husband used to play basketball, really nice guy. Anyone who knows them talks about how much this two people love children......
    Few days ago, the husband and wife droved down this fast traffic road with lot’s of curves and blind spots. To their shock, in the middle of the road there is a child. A two year old little girl….. by her self with no adult or any other person in sight. The little girl was left in the care of her 5 year old little brother. We don't know what the parents were doing (yet), except the fact that the child was alone for quite some time, and that she managed to walk a quarter of mile away from her house.
    So the husband hits the brakes and stops the car just as they past the child…..the wife jumps out of the car and runs back on the road to grabs the little girl. The husband hears a car coming.....this is a fast road, without much visibility..... there is lot of adrenaline running, and emotions makes him very agitated....... The wife clears out the road, but for a split of second she steps back on the road. He back up to pick them up and..........runs them over .
    The little girl died instantly, and the wife is in critical condition. [​IMG] I feel a nod in my throat every time I think of that. The husband is in shock.
    My husband said, that if he doesn't loose his sanity, he will be a suicidal risk. This is a man who will do anything for a child, and he will have to live with the memory of a such a tragedy. The guilt will hunt him for the rest of his days.......and that poor little baby…..and the wife who no one knows if she is going to make it……..
    Things like this shouldn’t happen.

    I feel sorry for that poor little baby, I feel sorry for the sweet wife, I feel sorry for the husband who will never be the same, and I feel angry, I mean really angry with the little girls parents [​IMG]..........

    I am a parent of a three year old little girl, and my child is never out of my sight no matter what. There is NOTHING in the world more important than that.
    We don't know the details about the parents, we only know rumors on that account, and the rumor is that the parents, a young couple, were parting with some friends in the back yard and there was a lot of beer drinking while they left the 5 year old little boy watch the 2 year old little girl. I supposed we'll know what really happen when it comes out in the local news, but I am still so angry with them.
    I don't care what reason you have, a such a small child or children (including the 5 year old) should have never be left unsupervised. They didn't even know the little girl was gone, and she was gone for quite some time. A neighbor had to tell them about the accident when the police arrived at the scene (that‘s not a rumor). My husband said that they will probable end up suing the older gentleman for damages, since he owns a small business and has some money………the worst part about it? …..I believe him.

    Edited to correct some information. From the local news story the parents seem to be innocent of neglect:
    "Troopers said the child had just been laid down for a nap at her parent's home, which was nearby, when she got up and wandered out of the house to follow siblings who were headed to a fishing hole.

    She was in the roadway after becoming disoriented and was trying to return home, troopers said."

    From the local people there is a 5 year old little boy somewhere in the story. The details often change from one person to another. Still, what a senseless tragedy
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    That's terrible...I'm so sorry to hear about this. [​IMG] Hopefully the wife has a quick recovery and the husband will get a bit better over time. [​IMG] I feel so bad for the little kids though...
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    So sad . . .

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    That's terrible, bless his heart. I will be praying.
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    So very sad, prayers...
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    That's Horrable! I would say right now he needs some friends. So if you and your hubby arenot to much of a emotnal reck becuase of this i woould go vist him every other day or something make sure if he is ok etc. Ask him if he needs any. Also i would see if you could vist his wife. I am sure she would love a bit of company.

    This is just as sad as the 5 year old that was shot in killed in his sleep on an AB reservie. The mother was also shot.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] and last but not least [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I am praying for them all. What an awful tragedy. When my little granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer in 2008, I was quickly made aware of just how unfair and WRONG life can be. Because of getting to know so many people in the pediatric oncology world, we've known literally dozens of children - from babies to teenagers - who have died from cancer. It is overwhelming at times. The accident you described made me think of that - it is so wrong - and it doesn't make sense. So many lives affected - the man who ran over his wife and that child - the parents of the child - so many lives will never be the same. Extra prayers for them all.

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    those poor people. no matter how good of a parent a person is they cannot keep their eyes on their three year old every single second. horrible accidents happen, the parents need lots of support and love for this terrible accident
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    This is the saddest thing I have heard in a long time. Such a senseless tragedy. My heart goes out to that poor man and his wife. I'll be praying for them and the ones who lost the girl.
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    Oh my Lord. I just don't understand. [​IMG] I'll pray the lady makes it. That poor baby. [​IMG]

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