12 Years
Nov 20, 2007
Glendale, AZ
My nieghbors two dogs were in the yard AGAIN this morning - and the youngest one had some how managed to grab my rooster's wing and was pulling it through the fence - my little banty roo is SCREAMING his head off - I try to chase the dogs away but of course they think this is a great came with lots of sound affects.

By the time I got the dog to stop pulling on Clydes wing - the wing is totally upside down ( the underside of wing facing up ) and is weadged in the fence hole I had to twist the wing back into place and pull him free - the whole time yelling at the dog to go home - which is making the roo more scaried - I got him free - looks like a few broken wing feathers - if his wing is broken it would be dragging the ground right? so far he is holding it normally and he is not walking all that great right now I imagine from being sore and alittle bit in shock.

I have NEVER heard a chicken make that kind of noise before and I hope to god to NEVER hear it again - it was like a little child scream for mommy to help him - awful sound.

I keep telling these *&^%$ people to keep there **&&^%^$ dogs locked up - but of course that is not working neither is calling animal control or the police - I guess it is only a matter of time before one of there D&^% dogs kills one of my birds.

( please dont get me wrong I AM NOT a dog hater - but this was in my own yard - and these dogs are not going after my birds for food but for fun )

yesterday this same dog - ran INTO my livingroom when I opened the door to go water a few flowers - these dogs are starting to become a real problem - with NOTHING being done about it.

sorry for venting -


I know there are people who will not like this, but honestly, problem dogs with problem owners need to be dealt with. Running into YOUR house? Would only happen once here, along with the attack.
Chech your local laws. Here if a dog is on your property and chasing or attacking your animals you can shoot it. If you don't want to kill get a paintball gun or soft pellet gun. Don't allow it to mess with your chickens.
Check with your local "code enforcement office" I had a neighbors dog kill my rooster and he came out and wrote them a warning the first time then the 2nd time he fined them and the 3rd ... no more dog!!!
Oh, Julie - I'm so sorry about your troubles! That is so annoying, and DANGEROUS to your birds! How irresponsible of those folks!

We had a problem with our neighbor's CHILD coming onto our property, and we have three huge dogs; one of them knocked the kid down once, and his mom acted as if the world stopped revolving! Even asked if all my dogs were vaccinated, etc. - he wasn't BITTEN, he was knocked down! Anyway, that was the final straw, and DH and I ended up putting a fence between the property. it's probably 1200 feet long, REAL long, and we used T posts and really inexpensive and ugly wire fencing, because we couldn't afford nice looking stuff. That was 10 years ago, and the kid is now a teenager. I'm shocked the fence held up, but our putting that fence up made it very obvious to them that he needs to STAY OFF. Any way you could do that? I know you shouldn't have to, but it doesn't sound like anything else is working for you!
I would call the police again. Make sure and ask them what the law is on shooting the dog if it is attacking your chickens. If you mention that, you will get their attention.

When you imply you have a firearm and are willing to use it they may be a little more helpful to you.

Or, you could also do the SSS.
well I have been telling DH that we need to put up a fence - and he is like " yea we will look into it " -- look into it my butt - just wait till he comes home today and gets an earfull of " guess what the neighbors dog did today "

yesterday we were putting in a new kitchen window and this same dang dog was all over the place in the way - he is a friendly young puppy - but that does not mean I want him growing up in my yard !!

when I called the police dept I even mentioned that these were pitt bulls running the streets in the hope that would get them to do something about it - did not work.

Clyde is not acting right - I can see him from the livingroom window - he is favoring that wing and walking kinda sideways? there is no blood I think I got to him just before that happened - this is only a little banty roo - so I know he a tough little guy but I am wondering if there is any damage to his side from being pulled through the fence? i dont even know how in the world the wing got in the fence to being with -- he is also walking around making all kinds of noise - some I have never heard him make before.

Clyde has been trying to chase off these dogs on his own - he has managed to give them a few good pecks in the nose - but of course he is a little guy so not able to stop a pitt bull on his own let alone two of them.

( mods if I posted this in the wrong place - please move it to where it needs to be - I dont know if this an emergencey or a vent now LOL )

Sounds like you are not in a completely rural area? Can you walk up to the dogs and get a slip lead on them? Tell your neighbor that the next time you find her dogs in your yard you are going to take a photo to document the tresspass, put her dogs in your car, and take them to animal control. Then animal control is not able to ignore the problem. It is a pain for you, but better than losing your chickens or getting arrested for illegal use of a firearm. Not that I have a problem with shooting dogs that attack livestock, but it may not be an option in your situation.

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