I am SO confused about this silkie... Also, Sleep ?'s...

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by akanalynnn, May 18, 2008.

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    As a child I had to show chickens in 4H. I knew they could be pleasant creatures, more than just egg and barbecue supply. I got the 11 week old silkie from aj94's post about whether or not the white silkie was a girl... Anyway, she's SO pretty... the thing is like a lapdog. I love it so much! She stands outside the back screen door until you open it, and looks at you like "why, hello!, fancy meeting you here!" just bucking quietly to herself. She follows me around the garden to be petted. I went and sat in the grass, she came up next to me, and I was petting her. Here's where I get confused.

    I thought chickens slept all hunched up like they were sitting on nests. After petting ms. silkie for a few minutes, she flopped over on her side with her legs out, like a cat or something! It just seemed so UNchickeny to me, I couldn't help but wonder if she's ok? is that normal? She seemed to be murmuring quietly to herself... Do I have a mentally unstable creature here?

    Also, is it a bad idea to let your chicks come up and sleep/sit on you? My gold polish and barred rock chicks (2 weeks old) will wander around the yard and then come back to sleep on my chest as I'm laying in the grass. As I was leaning back, one jumped on my shoulder to sit. Is it a bad idea to let them do this, because when they're bigger it will hurt? Or do they outgrow these strangely loving chick behaviors?
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    They do that sunning and when they're very relaxed [​IMG]

    Here's my Roxie sunbathing on my dog's back... you can see how she just flops over [​IMG]

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    oh my! I never knew chickens had SO much personality. I love this one so much I think I might quit eating them [​IMG]!

    I thought she was having some sort of seizure or something. I'm glad she feels comfortable around me!
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    Well, it really depends on how much you like having a chicken sitting on your shoulder. My red sex link, Lily, has always LOVED shoulders from the time she was tiny. She is grown now and still wants to sit there.....rear planted firmly against your face. [​IMG] Sometimes it does hurt....especially if she slips but most of the time she is perfectly balanced and isn't uncomfortable for me. I love her so much I think it is worth it. She even still sits on my 10 y/o son's shoulder but he has to have his am extended the whole time. [​IMG]

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