I am so happy !!!

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    Nov 20, 2007
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    well back in Sept. my Buff rock Miss Peaches started laying eggs - one cute little light brown egg - than she stopped - lost her neck feathers and went bald ( molting is not a pretty thing to see ) well a few weeks ago one of my Americana's must have felt sorry for me and decided to start laying the cutest little green egg -
    well last night I was putting everyone to bed and Miss Peaches did the squat thing in front of me I gave her a little pat near her tail ( I know you are not sopposed to but it made it easy to pick her up LOL ) I noticed her neck feathers started looking better- put her to bed

    I went out there a few minutes ago and checked the coop - only thinking I would get my green egg and there in the corner of the coop was my green egg and a light brown one [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have Silver laced cochins and Light Brahmas out there also. what color eggs do these breeds normally lay? I want to make sure I know who this egg came from. [​IMG]
    the SLC and LB and A are all the same age.

    I am going to have fresh eggs and hashbrowns for dinner tonight YUMMY !!

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    I am soooooo jealous :eek:
    My EE pullet laid for about a month this past fall and I am having to buy eggs. BUT here is what I am TRULY upset about :mad: she lays brown eggs [​IMG]

    OK Fine, congratulations [​IMG]

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