I am so mad!!! Why would momma single out one of her babies to peck


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Jul 26, 2008
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and run it off from the rest of the flock..... Babies are 6 weeks old.....
I have a mother hen not even a year old. Silkie. She hatched out her babies and for other reasons I brought her and babies up to the house to brood them for awhile. I put them back into their coop and run with another silkie pullet and silkie rooster. The rooster is all accepting he is very good with the babies calling them for food, etc. The other silkie pullet, not the mom is picking on one chick in particular. Momma silkie seems to be picking on him as well. She also is pecking at her other babies and she is pecking the other silkie hen. I get that. But why is she picking on one of her babies and pecking at the rest of her babies????? Is this all part of pecking order????
Edit to say: Momma silkie did not peck at her babies in the brooder.....????

Maybe Silkies really are evil.............
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