I am so proud of my daughter! * added pictures!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by vlapinta, Jun 22, 2010.

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    I am so proud of my 16 year old daughter, I just had to share.
    My daugher came to me in February and told me she wanted to raise ducks. I told her to start reading and got her Storey's book. On March 6th we got 12 call duck eggs from a local breeder and she incubated the eggs. She made it to lockdown with 6 fertile eggs and 5 baby calls hatched on April 2nd. She has been doing a great job taking care of the ducks. Last month she got an idea to try and train the ducks to be "therapy ducks" that she could bring to schools and nursing homes. We have one drake who is just so sweet. She spoke to one of the special education teachers and told him what she wanted to do. He thought it was a great idea so we ordered diapers from nettie.
    My daughter arranged last Friday to do a presentation for the Special Ed students at her high school. She made a display board with all the pictures she took of the eggs through incubation to the ducks now. She made special cupcakes that were frosted yellow with a yellow candy duck on top that she made all by herself. She bought a yellow shirt and planned a "Duck Day" She asked me to help her bring the duck into school. I was so impressed with what she did. She brought peas for the students to feed "Snookie" It was amazing to watch her interact with the students and their reaction to a duck in a diaper! What an amazing young lady is all I can say!

    Edited to add pictures. I had to be carefull because I did not want to add any pictures of the student's faces.





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  2. Vicki, be proud of that daughter of yours!
    She sounds like a super sweet and very awesome young lady!
    Congrats to her for her amazing work with trying to have her ducks become therapy ducks and doing ya'lls community some good.
    Congrats to you for having such a wonderful daughter!

    I hope things work out well, and good luck to you both!
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    That's really great that she did that. [​IMG]
  4. lovesduckies

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    awee what a sweet daughter you have!!!!!! i don't know many 16 yr old girls who would care for ducks let alone train one to be a therapy duck and share with special needs kids! what an awesome daughter you have!! Kudos!!! [​IMG]
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    When she does it again (because I'm sure she will) you'll have to get some photos for us!

    You should be very proud of her! Raising ducks is no easy chore, even for adults. Coming up with her therapy idea on top of that! Only 16 and already making her mark!

    I hope the harnesses worked out okay! I know you were concerned about them being a little too big. If you still think the size could be altered, just let me know and we'll fix them right up!
  6. WriterofWords

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    That is absolutely fantastic! I'm very proud of her too!
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    That is awesome!! What a great girl you have!!
  8. Wonderful!!! I can understand why you are so proud of her. Thank you for sharing. [​IMG]
  9. I think animal therapy is the best! What a wonderful idea your daughter had. We must see Pics!!! Do you think she will continue this interest and become a therapist herself?
  10. iamcuriositycat

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    Wow. You must be doing something seriously right. It would be a pleasure to know a girl like your daughter seems to be. Congratulations. [​IMG]

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