I am so, SO angry at the US military!!!


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Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
My husband is a proud member of a military group. (not a para-military group, but the real thing, checks signed by uncle sam himself).
He has been working his behind off, trying to get all these criteria met to get his promotion. This promotion will ensure that he doesn't go to Afghanistan this winter, which is good. Anyway, one of the higher ranking officials told him some stuff he needed to do, and some things he didn't need to do. SO my husband followed these instructions, and now has discovered that the official was WRONG, and now unless God himself steps in and fixes things, my husband has another 4 weeks at home, before he's just GONE for 14 months. I am completely freaked out, plus, he'll be going at a really low rank, instead of his higher rank, so less money for risking his life and being away from me and our 3 beautiful children.... And every day, the story changes, and the plans for the future change... he just got back LAST WEEK from more military training, and was gone for 7 weeks... but he's not been training for deployment, but for his rank increase, more leadership stuff, so he's not even prepared for deployment! ARGH! If we could just catch a break! this whole thing is ridiculous.... so, I'd appreciate it if some of you guys would pray for us, for some luck, and whatever is supposed to happen. I'm just going to try to give up some of my need for control.... and have faith that whatever is supposed to happen will.....
So sorry........... I understand. Glad my hubby is out now and we are finished with the whole military drama............
Take a deep breath. This might be difficult to believe but you can handle this. Really, you can. You are probably a much stronger person then you give yourself credit for being.

Most bases have support groups for the spouses and family left behind. Join those groups and get to know the people. It will help you tremendously.

If you need to vent, you can email me. I understand, I was in your shoes at one point. I bet that a lot of the women on this board were also.

Just take one day at a time. That is the best way to handle the situation.

I am so sorry that you and your family are going through this. I said a prayer for you all. To resolve the issue so he can stay home with his family and if he still goes to watch over his wife and children while he is gone and to watch over him so he returns home safe and sound.

I do hope the best works out for you all. I just wish all this war mess was over. It has lasted way way too long.

We had to put up with a military "practice" today. This entire area had them crawling all over the place. Helicopters and men on land shooting blanks. They had a "kidnapping of 4 people that the military where suppose to find. Last I heard they where just out behind us a few hours ago.

What I thought was strange was they are using blanks but when a helicopter with men in it shot just above my house I heard an explosion that rattled my windows. Scared me to pieces. I later discovered I had a blow out with one of my car tires sitting right in the driveway. It was actually a doughnut. I had a flat saturday and hadn't gotten another tire.

I thought we where under fire. First gun fire then an explosion.
I do hope your husband doesn't have to go over there, really I do.
May God Bless you, your DH, and family.
Please (from our family to yours) tell him that we are behind him and support him, and thank him for his service and above all devotion to family no matter what happens.
We have family and friends who have been over and over again.
Praying for you for a good outcome.
My baby sister has three children. She and her husband kept getting sent overseas, one right after the other. Luckily, my sister is in India now and she won't have to go anywhere for at least two years. But I know that it was very difficult for her family for a few years.

Chickenducks&agoose, how old are your children? How long will your husband be gone?
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I am not condoning what you feel the military is doing to you, however our country is served by an important volunteer force.
It is very frustrating as a wife to stand in the background playing the waiting game as the military expects. I just have had to lower my expectations as to what may happen, I cannot control it so why should I kill myself trying to. I try to remember the hassles are huge and our family needs will always play second fiddle to the military's needs. But when I think about the health care benefits, steady paycheck in this economy, and a roof over my head that's paid for and how proud my husband is to serve this country it helps. There are so many support programs you can be a part of I hope you find one you can connect with.
We wives are stronger than we want to be because we have to be. Praying for your family and hoping his promotion will come through and you will have some peace about the situation.
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