I am SOOOOOO mad! I HAVE to vent this!

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by 4H kids and mom, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. 4H kids and mom

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    Ok, the angry face just doesnt do this justice! Let me start at the beginning.

    I have an ad out on two different websites to find homes for our extra cockerel chicks, but until today I hadnt had much of a responce. Well, starting at noon or so, that all changed. :mad:

    The phone rang around noon, and on the other end is a VERY young lady with a baby and toddler crying for her attention in the background. She wants to know 'how much for the chicks' and can she 'get them by tomorrow'. She NEEDS them for Easter pictures of her children. My blood began to boil, and I asked her what she intended to do with them after the "photo shoot" and her reply was "I dunno, keep 'em I guess" to which I promptly hung up the phone.

    About a half hour later, another call. This is what I hear EXACTLY, I am NOT exagerating this, you cant make up people this freaking retarded! :mad: Anyway, I hear: "Hey, you got chicks? Can I get some of them colored ones? They would be so cute in my daughters Easter basket..." To which, I grunted quite loudly and again hung up the phone.

    Now, at this point I have remained fairly calm. I consider myself a pretty easy going person. It takes something (or SOMEONE) really stupid, erogant, or just plain dumb to get my feathers ruffled! Anywho....lets move on....It gets WORSE. :mad:

    At around two o'clock, the phone rings again. Now this lady is smooth. She tries to play it off like she knows what shes doing. She gives me this sob story about how she ordered chicks from the farmer down the street and they were supposed to be there today, but now she cant get ahold of him and the kids are looking forward to them, so what is she supposed to do. Blah Blah Blah. So I asked her some questions. I told her I have 5 week old chicks, and asked her what she'd feed them (BREAD and CORN, was her response), where she'd keep them ("Maybe in a shoe box..." was her response), and what she planned to do with them ("The kids really just want to play with them..." was what she told me.) then I asked her how old her kids are ("Oh, they are 3 and the little one is almost 2). :mad:

    So at this point I am steaming mad at all the erogant, egotistical, self centered, selfish people that keep calling and I lost it. I mean I lost it like I've never lost it on the phone before! I SCREAMED at this lady. Here's a few exerpts:

    "It is because of people like you that these cute fuzzy critters end up dumped in some shelter a week after Easter, or even dead in a dumpster because you are so erogant that you think a TODDLER could possibly handle a baby animal this fragile, and you know nothing about the care they need."

    "It is also because of people like you that MOST large hatcheries wont even consider selling chicks, bunnies, or ducklings during this week, even when DECENT chicken people like ME might actually want them."

    "You are the same kind of person that would buy a puppy because its cute and cuddly for your brats at Christmas. Then, when puppy grows up and hes not so cute and cuddly, he ends up chained in the yard for the rest of his life, or dumped at a shelter somewhere."

    Well, after I reamed her a new one, and actually made her not only cry, but appologize...I had several more phone calls. Turned out, these people didnt really WANT chicks to raise. All these people really wanted were cute Easter photos of their brats with chicks.

    So, guess what? Call me stupid, but I saw and opportunity here! I now have TEN families booked tomorrow to bring their snotty kids by for "adorable" portraits with my chicks at $10 a photo! Cha-Ching! I even made a couple of cute little pastel bows for the chickies to wear! (I think they'll thank me later when I can buy them feed and treats with all that extra money!) Think I might actually advertize to do this next year! lol
  2. speckledhen

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    BRAVO! Thank you, thank you for setting these idiots straight! OMG, the stupidity! Some people are just too stupid to live! Bet they keep their dog chained to a tree 500 ft from the house, too.
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  3. mlheran

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    Quote:Woo-hoo! Way to turn a horrible situation around into something that will make everyone happy (and keep chicks healthy [​IMG]).

  4. 4H kids and mom

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    All together I got fifteen phone calls. Not one serious call out of the bunch. After the 2 I hung up on, I figure I at least kept 13 families from buying chicks as a cute little impluse gift for their kids. I feel good in knowing that I may haved saved a few chicks precious lives. Wish I could do more....
  5. CarriBrown

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    UGH. Mom- That pisses me off, too!!!! I'm so glad you're able to educate at least 15 families.
    I can't believe how stupid kids can be these days... but you can't blame it on them. It's their stupid parents!!
    And you're right, Cyn... They probably do have their dog chained up to a tree. Idiots.
  6. zimmy

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    Mar 24, 2007
    (Red-You, Blue-callers)
    Ugh-that is HORRIBLE.

    But the idea is brilliant- AH! My chickies are hatching THURSDAY! ...ish (at least I hope to God they DO hatch).
  7. Freebie

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    Feb 4, 2007
    Bloomingdale, MI
    What a great idea!! I would definately try this again next year, if I were you. What a way to make a few bucks and educate. Think if you actually advertised for pics with chics, and you would not have to do it on Easter Sunday next year.
  8. CranberryBirds

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    Mar 14, 2007
    4H Mom,

    Wow, what a turn-around! I give you HUGE KUDOS for your photo idea! This is the greatest! You saw a problem as an OPPORTUNITY, not just to educate people but also to make yourself some money. GREAT IDEA.

    I bet that several people on here will take this idea and run with it next year--I could see setting up a little photo booth at the church and making some cold hard cash. Of course, while you're taking the pictures, you can be telling the parents how much WORK chicks are and how you have to charge for the photos because they are SO EXPENSIVE to keep!

    I would like to bestow upon you this Happy Chick Award:

  9. 4H kids and mom

    4H kids and mom Cooped Up

    Mar 10, 2007
    Southern Wisconsin
    Aww Thanks guys! <<blushes>>

    Next year I'm going to try to time my hatch with spring/Easter so the "Pics with Chicks" can be with the cute little balls of fuzz of day or week olds. Not that my babies arent cute now that they're older! I think they're CUTER now, but people want to see the fuzzy ones...[​IMG]

    I plan on educating while I take the pictures too. I'll show them around the coop, and explain the warmth they need, the food, and care and the POOP to clean up. Maybe, these few families will tell others they know and the word would spread. And if some peeps on here run with the idea too, word could spread even further! [​IMG]

    Maybe we can put an end to pastel colored easter chicks. One can only hope!
  10. PurpleChicken

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    Apr 6, 2007
    Oh boy did I step on a landmine. I have been trying to get few chicks for a week now. While they would have been nice to have at Easter my only rush was my son has a week off from school so we would have time to properly care for the chicks. We have been wanting them for several years but only now do we have the land and time available, plus my son is a mature 6. I never considered the implications of aquiring chicks the week before Easter.

    I can completely understand anyones frustration at people who want the animals for the wrong reasons. I never realized this was a problem and until reading this forum I had never heard of colored chicks.

    I'm sure there are other newbies like me who are in the same situation. My son and I have the brooder ready. We started clearing brush for the coop and bought some materials for it today. I'm no expert but I did hatch and raise 8 chicks when I was a kid. I've also had a Conure for 13 years who is healthy and has recently started to lay eggs(quite a surprise). Our two dogs are adopted from the CT Humane Society and are snoring at my feet as I write this.

    Our local feed store has chicks available on the 20th and the Sussex Poultry Fair is on the 22nd. It's 118 miles away but sounds like a great road trip for my son and his dad.

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