I am starting to lose hope :( I can't find my rooster some girls!

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    Apr 8, 2011
    Well, I bought a serama rooster off craigslist. And At first I thought it would be ok to have him in the coop with the big girls. But he was too small,So yesterday I spent all day building a little coop and run. well after I was done I had my parents come check it out, the rated it a 9/10!!!! thats good. I found the base of the dogs old dog house, cleaned it out (the top of the house can be removed.) Layed down a piece of plywood nailed it down for a new floor, I took another piece of plywood and nailed it for a roof, then over that I put 2 pieces a metel sheeting (the the roof doesnt mold) Got a door on by finding a piece of flat hard wood in the shed,and a piece of a 2 by 4 nailed it to the side so the 2 by 4 sides up and down, it you slide it half way it will hold the door nice in tight in its place. In the inside I put a roosting perch in there, and I found a smaller box and nailed it onto the wall (about 1 foot off the ground) then for the run I did : I ran posts into the ground and found my nice chicken wire and made him a nice square tall run.

    He likes it. I was talking to my friend who goes to the swap meet in Carlton and he said to be " I see bantys there every year" Well I got the timmings wrong got there at 11:45am, Well the timmings were 8:00am - 12:00pm..... I missed it [​IMG] the last 2-3 weeks Ive been posting in craigslist "wanted banty hens" but I never get a reply.
    I dont know what to do [​IMG]

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    You could see about going to another swap. Or, if your really desperate, order some chicks. Did you check the for sale adds on this site? You should show what state your in so ppl know whether their close enough to help out.
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    Revolutionmama has Serama pullets- pm her!

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