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    Sorry- I've got to get this off of my chest.

    I've had a really bad week. I did the fitness challenge mile run on Monday. My time? 11:13. My goal was 10:24. One girl got 9:56! [​IMG] As the tired runners walked upstairs this girl that's been bothering me for months yelled at us: "DID YOU GET A GOOD TIME?!?!?"

    I kept quiet, but I wanted to say, "Yea, better than you!" (That's what she does to me all the time.)

    There was a make-up run on Tuesday, and I ran, hoping to one- or even two-up my time. I got 11:19. That's the same thing I got last year! [​IMG] When I crossed the finish line and fell in the grass, someone said "She can't breathe!" Everyone thought I had asthma. I was just tired and frustrated , but my breathing was fine! One runner passed out. He always gets stressed easily. He cries over homework. His dog died in February (I think,) and he tries to make everyone feel bad for him. All the girls love him and call him "Khalid the King", even though he orders them around ("Give me a boost!"), is unkind to the teacher, and threatened the substitute. (I admit, she was MEAN! But that didn't mean he had to threaten to hit her! And all the kids admired him for that. "What did you tell her?") I sit next to this girl who supposedly likes him, and all I hear out of her mouth is "Khalid this" and "Khalid that" and "Khalid the next thing". After he threw a temper tantrum (and threatened the sub), Kylie told me, "He has the guts to do that! He's brave!" (That's not bravery, that's being a brat.) And about the dog thing, my dog died too (see the thread "Goodbye Ebony") and he reminds me of her, but starts crying when I remind him of his dog back and I always catch the blame.

    Anyhow, he was unhappy with his time and tired (the same two things I was) and passed out. The coach had to pick him up and was carried to the nurse. As we walked up the path to the gym, I heard Kylie say, "I feel so bad for Khalid."


    He's not the only one that didn't get a satisfactory time, and certainly not the only one who was tired!

    Anyway, another runner bragged "I'm so tired." I replied "Imagine how we feel." George said "I ran faster than you, I'm more tired." I shot back "I'm gonna tell you're bragging." He yelled "I'm not bragging;you want everyone to feel bad for you." [​IMG] By saying everyone was tired? Really unessesscary.

    Today I found new annoyances. I was running at someone (WE WERE PLAYING A GAME), and accidently pushed someone else. They told on me. I HAD SAID IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! And in orchestra. my violin's bridge broke off. I asked the sub violin teacher if she could fix it.

    "Take it to the music store and tell them you need a new bridge."

    Oh, for crying out loud! To think I think that I reserve the right to barge into a place "YOU RIPPED ME OFF! YOU GAVE ME A CHEAP VIOLIN! I WANT A NEW BRIDGE ON THIS!" because my mom just went through cancer treatment! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And for my final annoyance- has anyone ever heard of Silly Bands? I have two, and I managed to get someone to give me a bunny for my llama. Then I wanted more, and asked her which ones she had. All the cool ones I wanted she said "they're my favorites." And she wanted me to give her my dolphin- which is my favorite! [​IMG] I said "My parents go shopping when I'm at school, I can't get them to buy any," She said "Mine too. I got them as presents. I got two packs for my half- birthday. Ask for some for your half- birthday."

    I'm already asking for chicks and ducks. I can't ask for Silly Bands too and be mad if I don't get them. Christmas and my birthday are in seven whole months.


    [rant off]
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    WARNING: You may want to skip this post because it "may" be considered harsh, but this is how I'm seeing your words expressed.

    Ok...I'm going to jump in and say you're on the younger end of the spectrum.

    1. The boy? He can't deal with emotional issues like you can. He has his way of dealing with his pain, you have your way. You should not be chastising him for his emotional issues.

    2. It doesn't sound to me as though they are picking on you. Maybe you're just taking these things to seriously? 3/4 of us can't run 200 feet and not be winded, so take what YOU did and better YOURSELF. Don't compare yourself to others and don't join in and allow them to compare themselves to you. Just say "the time isn't important, I'm doing it to stay fit."

    3. Tattling because someone's bragging? People are going to brag. It's up to you to just let it go.

    Honestly, to me, it sounds like your jealous. You won't want to hear this viewpoint. Your comparing yourself to others when you should only be comparing yourself to YOU. Allowing yourself to judge others is just going to make you feel worse about yourself. You need to understand that you can only change you and not be like the people you don't like. When you grasp that concept, realize that the way you are judging them, is the way that they judge you. When you stop caring about judging them, you will realize that not everyone is judging you the way you feel. It leaves you feeling less victimized and much happier about life.

    In other words, live and let live.
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    rodriguezpoultry, you nailed it!

    Seriously fluffy,... none of this really matters. It's only going to bother you if you allow it to. Ignore the other comments and childish behavior and try not to act the same petty/clicky way. (you > [​IMG] <other kids) Be yourself, be proud of you and enjoy your youth gosh darn it!!

    Concentrate on your goals and don't worry about the others. You will get better at it! Eat healthy, take care of yourself (don't smoke etc), practice and get good rest.

    You can do it!! [​IMG]
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    Having played violin all through junior high, high school and briefly into college, I can say this: occasionally bridges break. It is an easy replacement, and does not mean that the violin shop gave you a faulty instrument. You might as easily have been hard in your handling of the violin.

    A broken bridge cannot be repaired--it must be one sound piece of wood to perform its function properly. If it is displaced, it can be repositioned; if it is broken, it must be replaced with a new one.
  5. fluffy, sweetie, school is hard, being young is hard, dealing with that many people daily is HARD. I'm sorry you're taking all that stuff to heart, and while I don't know where you live, and have never heard of 'silly bands', i think you need to sit back, realize that this is all temporary, and some day you'll be off to college to learn and have new adventures. Just try to get through the next little bit without freaking out, and without taking things personally. People are generally thinking only about themselves, and you can't change that. try to hang out with people who are good friends, spend a lot of time with your birds, and develop skills (like keeping your mouth shut [​IMG] ) that will help you throughout your entire life. as far as the running goes, you've got me beat.. by more than 2 minutes, so don't worry, when you're older, you'll look back on this time and wish you could still run as fast...

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