I am the Watcher on the Roost, Hailing from Tampa, Florida.


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Jan 3, 2016
Hey there everyone! My name is Gemma. That's where my username comes from. (Get it? Creme fraiche? Gemma? Gem? Geme fraiche? :D ) Anyway, I live in Tampa! I'm 18 years old and currently attending the University of South Florida. My ma got me interested in this site. Shes on here under the handle LynneR and I'm her daughter haha. We've got fifteen chickens, two bunnies, and two guinea pigs! We'll soon have a piggy, too! Recently we found out that one of our first chickens is actually a rooster. It works out sort of well, though, because I named him Roosevelt so that I could call him Rosie, but now that we know its a male, well.. Roosevelt works perfectly! Right now, we have one Buff Orpington, six Americaunas, two Barred Rocks, and three unknown Bantams. I, of course, bought the three bantams because how could I POSSIBLY resist a small tiny version of a big chicken? We've got a pretty nice set up, too. We had a fence corner with a little wall built there that used to be a compost heap. We emptied it out and attached some lattices to work as doors and put in a shelf or two. The chickens just go on in when it starts getting dark. Our two bunnies are currently living in the coop with them and they get along pretty well. Right now the three Bantams and five Americaunas are little babies so they're all living inside together. I hope we can all get along well! :eek:)

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Aug 26, 2009
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Hi Gemma, nice to meet you. Welcome to the Backyard chickens flock.

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