I am very torn apart by the button quail trio


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Aug 4, 2019
I have two females (Gray and Snowflake), one male (Vesty) button quails living happily (in the past) in a 48 sq ft aviary.

Recently Gray got broody and she now has 3 chicks.

The two females now fight. Snowflake will attach the chicks, though not severely yet.

Vesty is more in fond of Snowflake than Gray and her chicks.

If Snowflake is not in the aviary, Vesty and Gray and chicks are a good family.
When Snowflake is around, Vesty prefers Snowflake and leaves Gray and her chicks alone.

I am very torn apart on how to deal with the trio. I like Gray and Snowflake both..

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Apr 20, 2015
I'd probably remove Snowflake for a couple of weeks while the chicks get bigger. There is a chance you'll be able to reintroduce her then. The chicks will be ready to go to new homes soon anyway, once Gray is out of her broodiness they are less likely to fight.
If you have a separate enclosure of a decent size, you might also keep a male chick and let him pair up with Snowflake (assuming she's not closely related to the parents). In general I don't find trios ideal, pairs are better.

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