i believe my hen is just molting, but reassure me...


10 Years
Apr 23, 2009
Central Virginia
she's an old easter egger hen. she was sold to us at a swap. we didn't look too much into her age or anything else. she was attractive and looked cramped in a tiny metal cage with 2 other agressive-seeming chickens. we wanted an easter egger and felt bad for her, so we bought her.

she was currently laying and going through a molt. i can't guess an age on her, but i'm assuming she's fairly old. she looks older.

my hens are on mainly organic feed. sometimes we supplement with dumont or southern states brands, but i mainly stick to organic.

she is featherless around her vent right now. i can completely see the vent. she still has her tail feathers and other feathers (minus a tiny bare patch on her back (about 1" x 1"). she just has no feathers around her vent, under it, and none on the sides of it really. she is still active, flying up to roosts in the run, running around with the others when they free range, etc. she doesn't look/act sick and her appetite is just fine! i haven't noticed any strange fecal matter or anything!

i have checked for anything creepy and crawly. there are really NO signs of lice or mites. She has been this way for maybe 2 or 3 weeks? the bare spots are not red at all. it doesn't even appear that feathers have been pulled out. they just aren't there. she laid an egg the other day that seemed normal. so, i can't really put my finger on anything in particular that it could be?

i also haven't seen her scratching or itching anymore than she ever has...

is she just going through a weird moult?


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Just to be on the safe side I would dust her with poultry dust all over :)especially around her vent. She is new to your flock and even though she is showing signs of mites or lice she still might have them. Better to be safe than sorry.

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