I believe other Chickens effecting Buffs Laying

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    Oct 29, 2016
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    I have 9 Buff Orpington ladies and a Buff Orpington Rooster (Named Dutch). I moved the new ladies into my coop with 6 Rhode Island Reds at approx. 23-24 weeks old. They are now 28 weeks old and I'm still not getting any eggs from my Buff ladies. I've witnessed the Reds being aggressive toward the Buffs after integrating but, not so much recently. Could it be the aggressiveness of the Reds that is preventing my Buffs from laying? It would be a hassle to separate them. Means, I'd have to build onto the coop and it's cold in upstate, NY.
  2. I have Orpington and once upon a time,RIR........I no longer have Red Birds...Red Birds are known to be aggressive with others of another colour...Mean...
    You have Docile birds and Aggressive birds......Usually it wont work as the aggressive ones bully the docile ones....

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    Were the Orpingtons laying eggs BEFORE you moved them? This time of year is not the greatest for egg production due to decreasing light. That, in addition to the move, may be the problem. (I'm getting 3-5 eggs a day from 20 birds.) If the RIR birds aren't being overly aggressive, I'd just adopt a wait and see attitude.
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    Were the RIR in the coop when you added the buffs?
    How old are the RIR and are they laying?

    How big is coop and run...in feet by feet?

    Could just be that the buffs are slower to lay and it is fall, that can sometimes delay onset of lay.

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