I Believe They can Fly

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Baralak, Sep 20, 2010.

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    Well my 5 week olds, Whom I sit down and give treats to in the coop, have figured out how to fly. I was sitting in the back yard, when they decided that it wasn't fair that they had to stay in the little uncovered run I made for them while they were babies. My BR's and BO are my friendly birds that will climb up into my lap for a treat. Well, they saw me sitting in the yard in my easy chair, when one flew to the middle of the fence. Then kicked off and flew to the top. The other two followed suit, I had to walk over and they each walked into my hand. I put them back in the coop and told them that was a big no no.. [​IMG] I don't think they cared, and they all three did it again.. Which I had to repeat the walk and replacement (who's training who here). Guess what I will be doing over the next few evenings... Coop Time!

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    "We have wings Daddy, and we want to go places, see things, and find more TREATS!"


    Oh, and sit in Daddy's arms.
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    Sep 8, 2010
    That's so cute and lovable. Your chicks must really be affectionate towards you in order to act the way you describe. I guess if you wanted a suggestion though, you could do an enclosure ontop of the fence to keep them in, like they do on the top of the empire state building or in prisons. In any case that's really nice to read. My guinne hen could do the same thing if she could fly, but man is she so affectionate like you described. Fuzzy memories to tell your children. [​IMG]
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    Well Tonight.. my poor poor little dears.. The only 2 shows I watch on TV... NCIS, and it's Sister show.. NCIS-LA were on.. My wife and I usually sit outside and make sure they all go in.. Of course with the little treats in hand before the great departure to the coop. Well, we missed them going inside, and after the first show was over, I decided to go look outside and check the coop.. My little BO, named Ms. Buffington, was standing on top of the coop, waiting for us to " Tuck them in" As soon as I saw that, the show would have to wait. My wife and I went outside, which we were greated by a really angry bird (no props going to the iphone game which eats up all the waiting time around here). I put my hand out which she walked into, looking for the treats... I had some powdered sugar donuts tonight and gave here some of it. I put her down and she dashed into the coop, and I closed the door.. Once again.. WHOM IS TRAINING WHOM?

    Ms. Buffington, and a really loud EE (Prob my roo) Tearing up some bread.

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