I brought home 3 Muscovies...now what?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by campinbuff, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. campinbuff

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    Aug 14, 2013
    they are 4 month olds, unclipped. I have them in a pen in the barn for now. Until they get used to me. I am thinking perhaps a week or two before I let them explore??? Also, right now I have them nibbling cracked corn, wheat and flax. I assumed they were like chickens, so they also have grit. I have given them a few greens, but they don't seem to know what to do with them. Or perhaps they are just being fussy as I bought them from a lady who had them free ranged. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    [​IMG] Yes keep them penned for at least a week or 2 till they get their bearings. But they can climb real good so watch they don't climb out of the pen if there isn't a top on it. I'd get an All Flock feed Purina make one called Flock Raiser it has all the nutrients they need and when feeding different grains like you mentioned you don't know how to balance them so they are getting what they need. It's okay to offer them along with their all flock but just better to know the feed is formulated to their needs especially when they are growing so fast. If you want to keep the home you may want to clip one wing, I just did it with my 3- 12 week olds. That way you don't have to worry about them flying off. Mine love to forage and they will eat all manner of greens but bugs, slugs, worms etc is their main love. Pics when you can.
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    Miss L has given you good advice. I feed my flock of scovies, a mix of a chicken grower/finisher it's a 16% protein and then mix whole oats and whole corn, i also toss some BOSS into this feed mix. That feeds scovies aged from 2mths right into years.

    As for greens, hard to say what they were exposed to before, mine all free range here so they start eating that stuff from the start(grass, bugs etc). Peas and romaine lettuce is well loved by mine, worth a try.
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    I third the addition of an actual feed to the supplementary grains. They're probably just getting their bearings right now so they may not be as adventurous with foodstuffs yet. Note that, like others have said, the real love of scovies is protein in critter form. If you really want to give them a treat, get some mealworms. Mine go nuts over them. Peas are loved by mine as well. Blueberries are a huge hit though if they've never seen them before you may need to squeeze open a couple of them so they know they're not just soft blue rocks. Once they know what's inside though...

    Clipping is an option to keep them around. I, personally, don't clip but that's because they seem to reject the coop once I let them out on their own and prefer to sleep on the pond. Because they're unsheltered at night, I want them to be able to fly to protect themselves. With adequate feeding to go with their free ranging, I've never had any wander (or, I guess, fly) off. Occasionally in the winter one or two will fly over to the neighbor's pond (which doesn't freeze over like mine) to take a little bath in something deeper than the trough I have out for them, but they always come right back when they're done.

    Welcome to BYC and the world of scovies. They're going to steal your heart. Such neat birds.

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