I can not believe what happened today

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    I was at Sams Club with dear love, and while I was waiting on him to go do something before we checked out I decided to sit down on one of the chairs they had nearby. I was resting and flipping through the latest Mother Earth News guide to living on less installment that I intended on buying (how's THAT for saving money? buying a magazine to tell me things I probably already know) when this family came up.

    They were a nice looking family, well dressed, obviously had money, had two children, both boys, one looked between 1 and 2 years of age and the other looked to be 12. the parents spotted a group they knew and started chatting. well I did my little waving and smiling at the toddler who waved and smiled back.

    I stopped reading my magazine to watch the adorable child. well the more the parents ignored the children the more the eldest son started picking on the toddler, getting him angrier and angrier until the toddler bit, kicked, hit and screamed.

    the father kept coming over and was getting redder in the face, angrier and even grabbed the 12 boy and moved him back a step saying " quick picking on your little brother"

    as I watched this I realized by the 12 year old's behavior he has some real pent up anger, and the baby was developing it quickly. I looked to the dad and saw how red and angry he got so fast and figured "well this is where they're getting it from"

    the whole scene made me nervous but i didn't see anything so out right that i could call DHR. so I watched, pretending to read.

    the entire time the mother ignored all this, yacking on with her equally well dressed friends.

    so the 12 year old skulks away , occasionally trying tog et his dad's attention , where he is ignored, so the boy would do something, like climb on things, or do something destructive just so his father would angerly go over there and growl at him.

    finally the 12 year old gives up and sits down by his parents who now have both walked away from the cart leaving the toddler alone, to talk.

    the toddler looks around, realizes he's alone and in a blink of an eye, slips the child safety belt and stands up in the cart.

    when i see this i throw down my magazine and race over and catch the child as he starts to topple out of the cart.

    I said " woah woah woah! easy there sweety" as I do.

    the father turns, sees me holding the kid and I say " He had climbed up and was about to fall"

    the father mumbled an apology to me then turned to the 12 year old and said " boy you were suppose to be watching him!!"

    at this point I retreat, and the father sets the toddler down, turns his back and goes back to talking... now with the toddler running loose.

    the kid climbs on pallets in between things, gets into things and I am watching the child like a hawk.

    at this point they realize I am staring, and gather their kids and head for the check out. meanwhile DL shows up and i follow him to check out which happens to be behind these people.

    I am still stunned into silence....

    and then it gets worse

    the entire time I was worried that that boy was going to get hurt but I heard the mother, complaining at the cashier that a while ago she was here with her boys and her toddler fell out of the cart and sliced his forehead open. she pointed to the scar and said "see? now he'll have a scar for the rest of his life because of it, and all your people could do is tell me to wait there, refused to get him a paper towel or anything and said that I couldn't get any money for it. well i didn't ask for money."

    my mouth dropped, and I know it did, I stared, quite openly and at that the mother, father and boys gathered their items and left and I said to the cashier " if she asks for money don't give it to her" and went on to tell the cashier everything I saw

    now I wonder if I should have called someone. at the time i was stunned into not calling anyone. on top of it there was little real evidence to show who ever I called that this was little more than a bad day on everyones part.

    now i keep thinking about the strangeness about this family, the sheer self centered attitudes of the parents, the boiling anger of the12 year old and the toddler who got hurt falling out of the cart in the same store once, left alone to almost do it again.
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    Some people just shouldn't be allowed to reproduce!!
  3. they'reHISchickens

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    Oct 31, 2008
    Some people shouldn't have children.. or dogs... or any living being.
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    You really had some restraint there! I know it's tough to watch things like that happen. Sometimes, I wonder how certain people exist in the world and I'm amazed that they are alive and functioning with their carelessness. I work in a customer/people oriented environment and it really boils me to see how some parents let their children run loose or act in an unsafe manner.

    I feel sorry for that family.

    I don't know that there was much you could've done in that situation. [​IMG] I'm glad you caught that baby from falling out of the cart, though!
  5. KristyHall

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    Jan 27, 2011
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    Quote:I wanted to just shout at the parents and I really wanted to just hug the 12 year old, he seemed so desperate for any sort of attention.

    it reminds me of what I saw on the tv the other day. The weather lady was saying that many children this year have died already from being left in a hot car. Then she went on to suggest that you should put you briefcase, purse, or hat in the back seat , so you will be forced to go back there to get the items and won't forget your kids!

    My mother and I were watching it together and were sup surprised we backed the dvr up just to watch her say it again... and she really did suggest that you would be more likely to remember a hat over your child.
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    Actually the place your items in the backseat is suppose to train prople to look in thier backseat when they get in/out of thier cars. Yes it sounds nuts, but it really is the reccomendation from the dept of vechicle safety.
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    I so understand. Id have probably just yelled at the parents if it were me. I try hard to watch my kids and keep em safe. (Doesny always work my boy has a goose egg on his head from today) but so many people have kida for the 'family' deal ship em to daycare and expect them to be little adults. They are kids! They need supervised and lots of attention. What really gets me is these kids will end up thinking they are sooo great amd better cuz mom and dad buy em everything instead of being parents. Grrrrrr
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    Quote:Like people might really forget that they had their kids in the car? That is frightening. "where's my purse? Oh, Junior, how did you get there?" Yikes.
  9. saddina

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    May 2, 2009
    Desert, CA
    Quote:Like people might really forget that they had their kids in the car? That is frightening. "where's my purse? Oh, Junior, how did you get there?" Yikes.

    I can't get mine to keep silent for 3 minutes, he monolouges like jay leno in the backseat.
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    I would have called 911 and made a report.
    You may have saved the child's life. A report needed to be made.
    Those two kids need to be protected.

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