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    Jul 3, 2009
    OK__ They are going out THIS WEEK> The temps here are averaging 70's in day and upper 40s at night. They have been inside (68degrees) without the light for the last 2 nights. I am going to put their red heat lamp in the coop with them. Where should I put it? The coop is 10x11 or so. there are roosting bars on the east wall. I think the food and water will be hanging from the north ceiling. the rest of the room is just empty, the nest boxes are outside. Where should I put the light and how far from the pine shavings (deep litter method) should it be. They were 6 weeks on Monday. Various breeds, all large fowl. Thanks, I've inhaled way too much chicken dust to kill them now.
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    If they are roosting, secure the light above the roost. If they are still piling, then somewhere they can pile in the heat. Just be sure to secure the lamp, securely - read about too many coop fires [​IMG]

    Do not rely on the clamp, also wire or chain the light so it cannot fall into the shavings.

    [​IMG] that they are heading out, they and you will love it. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Shhhhh...that's the secret bonding agent between chickens and their people... [​IMG]
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    Quote:Shhhhh...that's the secret bonding agent between chickens and their people... [​IMG]

    So THAT'S it, then! I wondered. I think mine gave off super-powerful dust, because I loved them before the end of the first day I had 'em!
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    Thanks guys, I was feeling sad that I didn't get any replies. They pile and also roost on a stick now but I don't know what they will do in the big coop. I think I will put it above the shavings as more of them would be able to get under the heat. The weather is supposed to warm up (it was upper 50's today and raining). But they have to go outside tomorrow. Only have to linoleum 2 of the poop boards. Touch up the paint around the shower surround stuff, nail on the trim and put down shavings. I'm guessing early afternoon. I can't WAIT to see them in there! I'll post pics asap.!

    ps. My chickens have potent dust. I do love them even though they stink!
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    You're good - mine have been out about 10 days now! I put the heat lamp about 30" off the ground and they all snuggle up under it. I just put roosts in last weekend, but the only ones that can hop up on them are the 8 wk old bantams, all the rest are still too tiny. Good luck!

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