I candled my eggs today

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  1. dadsdeercamp

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Mora MN.
    On 4/14 i set 49 eggs (12 EE'S 25 Silkies and 12 from my mixed laying hens) in my L.G incubators. candled them and had 2 EE'S with blood rings and 2 silkies that were not fertile. the EE'S were shipped and the box was in real bad shape and had a (RECEIVED POSSIBLY DAMAGED) sticker on it. so now im down to 45 eggs. I love my LG's one holds temp at 100.2 to 100.4. one has a turner and i put fans in both. I've used LG for many years and only had 2 bad hatches both seramas.
    I've heard all the BAD about the LG so im ordering a Hova Bator Egg Incubator Combo Kit from incubatorwarehouse.com ( http://incubatorwarehouse.com/index.php/egg-incubators/hova-bator-egg-incubator-combo-kit.html ) to see if i can get an understanding of what is so much better about the hover bator?
    i will update when i start the hover bator vs. LG hatch.
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    I love mine also...once they hold a temp..they hold a temp! Please let me know...bad hatch with shipped eggs...can't go there. But a friend has his hovabator over here and all 3 (my two lg's and his hova) are all within a degree of each other...[​IMG]

    ETA: all 3 have fans and turners.
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  3. JScatt69

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    Mar 2, 2010
    I really like and have had good results with my Hova Bator 1602 with fan, always hold steady temps.
    Got them from Incubatorwarehouse.com, great prices and fast shipping but have mixed feelings about customer service.
  4. pdsavage

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    Mar 27, 2008
    Quote:You set them today?
  5. nurseshelly

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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Quote:I've never tried the LG one, but my Hovabator 1583R is great (we got it for my tortoises who have yet to lay an egg - but I'm sure they will now that we use it for chicken eggs!)! It held perfect temperatures, although it did need water added often to maintain humidity. We just built a wine fridge incubator and so far the temp and humidity are great. So, our hovabator will probably be our hatch out bator now. Still it did a great job with our first group of shipped eggs. We just want more capacity [​IMG]
  6. dadsdeercamp

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    Sep 24, 2010
    Mora MN.
    Quote:You set them today?

    I meant to say the 14th i fixed it now thanks.

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