I can't believe I have a rooster after 5 years.


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Apr 10, 2013
So last year we added to our flock and after a few months my neighbor started hearing a rooster crow only in the early morning, not loud or during any other time. I thought he was crazy because none of the new ones looked or acted like a roster. Well today he recorded the sound, still not sure which one it was. So I decied to go a look at the chickens (hubby takes care of them, I hardly ever go in the coop) and one of my sons favorite was by me and I picked it up just to talk and examine it. Well it has spurs on it and I think that is the rooster. IT IS 5 YEARS OLD how the heck did we have him for this long and did not know?


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Jul 16, 2015
Could you post some pictures? Hens can have spurs too, and in the absence of a rooster sometimes a hen will take on the role, even attempting to crow.

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