I can't believe I'm asking this.

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  1. SarahBeth9394

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    Aug 23, 2008
    i haven't had a male dog since I was a kid and I don't go inspecting dog junk. So I have to ask. When a male is neutered do they cut off the sack of marbles completely? There's a real nice redbone that is wandering around our house. It's in real good shape but..... it's tail has been docked so close there isn't even a stub and it's got no sack of marbles. He's real nice but there's no way our hound will accept him.
  2. LyonFuzz

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    Apr 28, 2008
    South Lyon, Michigan
    I believe that just the marbles are removed and the actual sack just shrinks up. At least that's what my male doberman looks like and I know for sure he's neutered.
  3. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Yep, the family jewels are gone once they're neutered! [​IMG]
  4. TLWR

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    Jul 10, 2010
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    Yep, bits removed, sack remains. It can/does/will shrink over time.
  5. Funky Feathers

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    I was a Registered Vet Tech for 10 years. They make an incision over his wee wee and pull out the doo dads through it. The sack stays intact but shrivels up after a while. So you won't see any sack or doo dads on a neutered dog. [​IMG]
  6. navasima

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    Aug 6, 2011
    New Mexico
    Quote:That is so - have assisted with many. If this is an adult male & you don't see any....& with a docked tail you'd have that "lovely" view - then he's likely neutered.

    A bit of trivia: There is a product called "neuticals". Yep! just what it sounds like - testical shaped implants that can be put in after a neuter so that the dog can still look intact. Show folk were freaking out that people would do this and try to show altered males. My office actually discussed it one day and all the vets and staff agreed that if an owner requested them...we wanted no part! [​IMG]
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    Mar 29, 2009
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    the testicular sac wil srhink over time how much will depend on the dog and age of neuter, ive seen some males looking "saggy, others youd have no idea testicles were ever there lol
    our male cocker is a "you never had them" kinda dog, from behind hes a girl...the only way to tell is turn him over lol
  8. SarahBeth9394

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    Aug 23, 2008
    Ok thanks. I felt like such a dingbat asking. But I questioned it because of the way his tail is docked. He's lucky to have one vertibrea past the curve of his rump. I don't know anyone who would dock that short. Made me wonder if whoever docked him took his marble bag as well. The rear view of this boy says "check out my bottom".
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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Sorry - just loving this thread and all the awesome lingo!!!!!!! I love BYC! [​IMG] It's a good question and you are awesome for asking! [​IMG]
  10. piecemaker

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Centerville Texas
    We call Hank's his empty baggage. DGS 18 months old thinks they are there just for him to play with. He will walk behind Hank (boxer) holding on to Hank's baggage. Will be very glad when the baggage is gone. My yorkie's took about a year to go away

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