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  1. The ads on craigslist for bunnies are driving me nuts!! Everyone says "these bunnies are ready for easter"
    I mean, that might not bother anyone else, but so many kiddos out there want there bunny then the next week they are tired of it! Just bc it is easter does not mean you should buy a bunny. Most are unprepared, they go to the store, go "I want that Bunny!!" there mom/dad decides bc its easter, why not? And the kid goes home knowing nothing about it!!!

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    Amen Haley
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    Apr 3, 2012
    Yeah, craigslist drives me nuts too. People buy chicks & bunnies not knowing what the crap they're going to do with them and how to care for them. What a shame.
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    I was thinking about that this weekend. Our local farm store has "chick days" going on right now, and I really hope people know what they're getting into when purchasing them. Little kids aren't always very gentle, either...baby chicks can end up getting injured by over-excited kids. [​IMG]
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    The only way we can help or make a difference is 1) refuse to buy them this time of year; and 2) spread the word about proper care of rabbits and chicks. I personally am more concerned about the rabbits. Mainly because most feed stores carry sexed chicks so they will likely have a hen that is adoptable, or people become enamored of them and keep them. Rabbits take a A LOT more care and far more restrictions to their diet than chickens do.
  6. i agree!
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    For this reason, a number of rabbit breeders that I know make a point of not having babies that are of sell-able age at Easter time. If by chance they do have rabbits for sale, some will go so far as to lie about it when asked on the phone, rather than deal with the Easter Bunny party favor nonsense.

    Some people may criticize me for this, but I take bunnies around for "guest appearances" at Easter time. Kids get to pet and play with the bunnies (carefully supervised, of course) and I spend a lot of time fielding questions about rabbits and their care. The bunnies are always too young to sell. That way, I can be sure to avoid the impulse buyer; a person who is genuinely interested in a pet is usually willing to wait a couple of weeks until the bunny is old enough to re-home.

  8. That is a good way to do it. If they want them , they will wait! good idea!!! :D
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    and have time to research up about rabbits and get set up but if they want the rabbit right then and there now no way am i selling them to somebody
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