I can't believe she said or even thinks that

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    We went to MIL's house on the day after Thanksgiving. I brought my dog, DD brought her dog and MIL has 2 dogs. One of her dogs is one that she adopted from the pound, and DD's dog was adopted from the pound. I made a comment that I couldn't see why anyone would have given up either dog because they are both such nice little dogs. Well, MIL informed us that she had figured out why somebody abandoned the dog she adopted. She said that she thought that they must have been a (insert ethnic race here) family because those people would abandon a nice dog. She also said that it would explan why the dog smelled bad when she got her too. After all (according to her), (insert ethnic race here) people smell different, and she had to give the dog a bath to get the smell off. I asked her, "Have you ever considered that maybe the dog stunk because she was at the stinky pound?" Of course she denied that could have been the problem. I, DH, DD, DS and DDIL all pointed out to her that people of other races do not stink and are no more likely to abandon their petsthan anybody else. I can't believe that she would say that out loud, or even think it. It's embarrassing to me. My DDIL is of another race. She's not the same race as the one MIL was putting down, but I hate to think that the poor girl might think that her goofy grandmother-in-law might think that she too smells funny because she is of another race. Family, you can't live with 'em and ya can't shoot 'em. [​IMG]
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    When my grandma said the "n" word, I was floored.

    Then I realized that she was from a different time and era and did not need me to correct her.
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    If your DIL brings it up, all you need to do is say "yeah poor Betty, she's losing it in her age, I ever go batty like that, pay it no mind".
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    Mar 14, 2009
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    Well, I agree with both. She is a different generation, and the older people sometimes don't realize what they are saying. My grandmother got like that, she was a sweetie, but the older she got, the stranger her perceptions on people and life. And she had no trouble expressing it. [​IMG]
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    It is awful, isn't it. My sister hates a certain race and always makes it known. I keep reminding her that two of my sons, HER NEPHEWS, are half that race. She always says, "Well, that's different." I find it hurtful and insensitive. Back "in the day" I wasn't allowed in my grandparents house with my husband because he was a different race. I just never went. As they grew older (my grandparents) and it became clearer in society that that sort of hatred was nothing more than idiocy, they accepted their grandchildren. My sister on the other hand has always loved and treated her nephews like all the other children in the family and really doesn't see how disgusting her words are, how hurtful, how dividing of a family they are. We don't spend a lot of time with her.
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    Quote:I'll leave this thread now.
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    MY ds and his gf went to the hospital to see my MIL during one of her stays before her death! The conversation was told to me that gma said something about mexicans and ds said gma" brittnays part mexican" and gma told her...get this "Its ok its not your fault you are part mexican!" Lol we still laugh at that one memory we will share! Yes it is because of age and no it isnt acceptable in our times but it was in theirs! At least we know that future generations wont judge due to color!
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    Quote:Her loss.
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    I can see this one getting locked!

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