I Can't Believe This!


9 Years
Jul 15, 2010
Well, I gave a really good friend's son some eggs for French class. They were making French food so he volunteered to bring the eggs for the project that they were making in class. Well, some kid told a substitute teacher that the boy had brought eggs. So then she storms over there and says that she needs to inspect his locker. Then she says that the eggs laid that morning were rotten and had salmonella. She asked him where he got them and he told her about me. So I get a note that tells me to never give anything to the school again. I have brought eggs before, and even helped the science teacher hatch eggs for the class. Anyway the eggs were in a small cooler and he had the teacher's permission. Well this lady said in the letter that poisoning kids in a Christian school is wrong, and that she talked to a kid who bought chicks from me and they said one died as a baby. Now she says that my eggs aren't fit to sell because I have disease ridden birds with salmonella and bird flu. She also said that when she cracked them the yolk was orange, well what are fresh eggs supposed to look like? Then she said that normal people buy eggs from the store and that hers come from Kroger farms and that they are clean chickens. The worst part is that all of this is plain ignorance. Do you guys think I'm crazy or is this lady some nut? Oh, and she had no place to do this, after all she is a substitute teacher. Can you believe this?
I might be reminding her -- and the school, since this was done as part of something official -- about slander and libel.
It's definitely slander, but the funny thing is the French teacher called me and asked to buy eggs for his family to try.
She wasn't even teaching for the same grade, plus she hates me already. Our truck was in the parking lot and she hit the trailer hitch and said that it was dangerous. I think she's just crazy...
I had kinda the same thing happen to a friend of mine. The administrator wouldn't let them use the green eggs because they were rotten. Sad thing is our kids are learning things from these misinformed people,
I can believe this honestly. Because for lack of a better way to say it, there are some absolutely ignorant people out there when it comes to animals.
Perhaps you should talk to the teachers you usually deal with at the school to get them to "convey" some actual knowledge about fresh eggs.
That person would fall into the category I usually like to term as "Dumb A** City People"...whether they are actually from the city is irrelevant...the attitude is what I am referring to.
Sorry I am venting on top of you. Guess I wanted to comiserate with you tonight!

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