I can't find Cochin bantams anywhere! :( Waaahhh!

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  1. I have wanted ads on craigslist, I check craigslist multiple times a day, I have been checking eggbid, the sale forums here, I posted in the wanted forum, I've googled and emailed breeders, searched for and messaged breeders here and so far I haven't found my Cochin [​IMG] I got a response from one breeder that there may be pullets available in early July, so that's awesome! But I'm soooo impatient. I found chicks on craigslist, but they're all straight run [​IMG]

    I just want a pretty pullet or hen, pet quality is just fine. I'd die for a mille fleur but I'm open to so many other colors (black or blue mottled, any laced variety, barred, cuckoo, even splash...) I really didn't think they'd be this difficult to find! I don't want to go through a hatchery because I only want one pullet, and the only hatchery that sexes bantams (MPC) doesn't offer any of the colors I'd want. There's a gorgeous mille fleur pullet on eggbid but since I'm not the least bit interested in breeding or showing I can't see paying $90-100 for one bird. Does anybody have any advice besides waiting it out and seeing what comes up?

    [​IMG] wahhhh.
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    99% of breeders and hatcheries will not sell bantams sexed. I believe My pet chicken is the only hatchery that will and they are not even the actual hatchery.

    I could have hooked you up this time last year with some cochins, but again, they wouldn't have been sexed. I think you will have a really hard time finding that unless you purchase an already started pullet and then you'll be looking at pricey shipping if it is not local.

    They are a great breed to have, if you can find them. We no longer have any, but they will always have a special place in our hearts. [​IMG]

    Good luck!
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    I've got some extra barred babies that look to be pullets an they have the silke gene. a natural mutation not a cross with silkie

    this is papa:
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  4. Quote:I realize that! I'm actually looking for a started pullet or a hen. I don't mind paying for shipping if it isn't local, I had my two rescue pigeons over-nighted from CA (and the cost actually wasn't bad at all!) it's just that this particular hen on eggbid would have come close to $100 and that just doesn't make sense to me, I guess.

    They are soooo darn cute, though, and everybody talks about how sweet they are. I have a frizzled cochin/hamburg cross and she's adorable and all, but I want a big fat, puffy, fluffy bear of a cochin!

    Buck Creek Chickens, he's a handsome little guy! I'm going to pm you for more info.

    Thank you, both!
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    Do you know of any shows around you in the near future? That might be an option.
  6. Hmmm.... I honestly wouldn't even know how to find out if there were! I'll look into it, though. Thank you for that suggestion!
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    Wow too bad I didnt know you last year.I had lot's of cochin's, chick's and egg's.Cochin's are great bird's and hen's are great broodie's.I had white,black, blue, red, mottled,silver laced,partridge and splash color's.I am having to start all over new here and have a few graduated chick's so very happy I got those.I managed to get a few frizzle chicks as well so hoping to get my flock started back on those.Hope you have some luck in finding some.
  8. Sheesh! How did I miss all of these Cochins last year?! I noticed a ton of them on craigslist last year, too! Of course, then I wasn't so interested in having one. Now that I'm looking they don't exist, haha! Just my luck! All I can find on craigslist this year are layers and various roosters!
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    look at these babies
    contact msbear for eggs or adults
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    Thank you for the tip!

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