I cant find goose eggs anywhere.

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    I cant find anybody that has any goose eggs. I've looked on Craigslist everyday and I have also posted ads but no responds, just scams. I have asked around and haven't found anybody who has any. I just recently had a goose that i got from this lady and it had a messed up joint, i was helping her learn how to walk because she couldn't. She was obviously raised in a bad environment, well i was getting attached to her but the other day i walked in the room that i had her in and found her dead. I had her in a 50 gallon water tub with straw and stuff so she could stay separated, somehow she got out of it and hit the boards i had up blocking the wholes so the baby chicks couldnt get in the wholes in the wall,and they fell on top of her and killed her. I cried once i saw it. As i thought about it, i enjoyed having a goose and now want some goose eggs to hatch but cant seem to find anybody with them, Any suggestions? I don't want to order them from a magazine or hatchery, i would like to get them from somewhere close. I live in Greensboro.
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    Try posting a want ad in the "Items Wanted to Buy" section and note your location. I could help you with Embden eggs if my girl wasn't broody, or goslings if you were closer.

    I did order goslings from Ideal that are doing well.

    You could also look for a swap in your area. At our local one, there is always the "duck man" with ducklings and goslings.

    Best wishes.

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