I cant find the nutrition information or ingredients to Dumour feed...

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    I have been feeding my hens Dumour from Tractor Supply Co. and I examined the bag and searched the websight and I CANT find anything about the nutrition info or ingredients. Does anyone know where to find the information?

    Is it even a good feed at all? Im thinking of switching to purina...
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    it's on the tag on the bottom seam......like all feeds

    lemme dig one up

    Looks like I don't have a tag for their layer....I think I bought one bag of it, but sometimes they go to the burn barrel before I get the tag off.

    Dumor is made by Purina for TSC, if you didn't already know that. I think they are going to quit making it, I dunno for sure though.

    Dumor chick starter/grower 20%

    protein 20% min
    lysine 1.0 %min
    methionine 0.5% min
    fat 2.5% min
    fiber 4.5% max
    calcium 0.7% min
    calcium 1.2% max
    phosphorus 0.65% min
    salt (NaCl) 0.25% min
    salt 0.75% max

    Ingredients: Ground milo, ground corn, dehulled soybean meal, wheat middlings, hydrolized poultry feathers, calcium carbonate, cane molasses, ..... the rest is wordy supplement stuff

    "Ruminant meat and bone meal free"

    Dumor Poultry grower/finisher 15%

    protein min 15.0%
    lysine min 0.65%
    methionine min 0.29%
    fat min 2.70%
    fiber max 5.0%
    calcium min 0.60%
    calcium max 1.10%
    phosphorus min 0.60%
    salt (NaCl) min 0.20%
    salt max 0.40%
    Selenium min 0.3ppm

    Ingredients: Grain products, plant protein products, processed grain by-products, calcium carbonate, the rest is supplement-type/mineral stuff

    "Ruminant meat and bone meal free"

    I really don't like that they don't list WHAT grains and "products" are in the second bag..... but they don't list any better details on the Purina brand stuff either. Really it doesn't do any good to list the ingredients if all they put is "grain products" [​IMG]

    For comparison:

    Purina Flock Raiser 20%

    protein min 20.0%
    lysine min 0.95%
    methionine min 0.35%
    fat min 3.50%
    fiber max 5.0%
    calcium min 0.80%
    calcium max 1.30%
    phosphorus min 0.70%
    Salt min 0.35%
    salt max 0.85%
    Vitamin A min 7000 IU/lb
    Vitamin E min 14 IU/lb

    Ingredients: Grain products, plant protein products, processed grain by-products, monocalcum phosphate, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, SOYBEAN OIL, ....supplementy stuff
    "Ruminant meat and bone meal free"

    Purina Layena Sunfresh Recipe 16%

    protein min 16.0%
    lysine min 0.55%
    methionine min 0.25%
    fat min 2.50%
    fiber max 7.0%
    calcium min 3.25%
    calcium max 4.25%
    phosphorus min 0.50%
    salt min 0.30%
    salt max 0.80%
    manganese min 175 ppm
    Vitamin A min 3000 IU/lb
    Vitamin E min 10 IU/lb

    Ingredients: processed grain by-products, grain products, plant protein products, calcium carbonate, molasses products, roughage products, ...... supplement stuff
    "ruminant meat and bone meal free"
    Do not feed to chickens less than 18 weeks of age.

    Do a search on here about Layena and Dumor, there are a LOT of threads discussing them. Many people prefer the Layena.
    I personally like the Flock Raiser.
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    Mar 9, 2008
    Rhode Island
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    Like Tala said. And I heard that they may quit making it also. Don't know if TSC will select another processor for their brand or not. I have not used any other so I have no comparison for you. I do have good egg-laying from my pullets of 8 months. We get 19-22 eggs/day with no artificial light at all. I consider this to be as good as you can have for natural light wintertime laying. We have 23 pullets.
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    Jan 15, 2010
    Purina is famous for listing very vague information on all their feeds, because they use whatever is cheap. Most of the time their plant products are alfalfa, soy meal, corn, and oats. They do this with every feed they make, regardless of species.

    I have fed both the Layena and the Dumor, as well as the cheaper Purina Country Acres when that is all the store has. I have noticed no difference in the Dumor and Layena, though the chickens seem to lay a bit less frequently on the Country Acres.

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