I can't get myself motivated today


10 Years
Apr 6, 2009
kountze texas
I got up and fed all of the animals(wasn't a problem) ... now I can't seem to get my self modivated to do anything else... I see alot that needs to be done and can't seem to get myself going... maybe i just need coffee
or maybe you need to come with me now outside and help me clean the duck pool.
I'm there too. I've been on the job for 3 years and haven't had a real vacation. My 16 y/o son was in an auto accident last December and the only vacation I had was in the ICU with him. (2 months). So now it's summer and the weather is warm and I want OUT! I need some time to spend with myself and my son and the chickens and doing anything but working for a living. Just now a client called regarding her divorce and I all but licked my fingers after biting her head off.
thats it maybe i need to get away and do something fun... I can't go anywhere until I get new tires for my car... which will be in two weeks.. hubby got 30 hour overtime so I can finally get my tires( i don't work do to a neck and back inujury)... so I have been stuck here...

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