I can't tell if my ducks are male or female?!


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Sep 6, 2019
Hi everyone, I have got two ducks I've had them since they hatched and they are just over 12 weeks now, I bloody love them so much the problem is I don't know if they are drakes or hens (this is the first time I've had ducks) I've looked online at lots of websites and still can't tell. I have a khaki Campbell which I'm kinda certain is a girl but my runner I have no idea?¿ I will start by posting a picture of them both and hopefully someone can help me!! Thanks


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My runner (Rue) is fairy quiet to be honest neither make much noise at all unless they know I'm leaving. Rue has a black yellow and olive colour beak too which just confuses me even more
At this age (and if you are headed into fall where you live) your best bet is to voice sex them. I'd do a youtube video search on voice sexing ducks. You should find lots of good videos you can listen too and then compare to the noises your ducks make. IMHO I think the males sound like frogs or broken squeaky toys... if you have had them since they were tiny, it's almost as if the males never quite fully grown out of their baby peeps, whereas the females will make loud honks from time to time when worked up.

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