I cant tell the sex of any of these -can you?...what breed do you think the red and white feathered


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Nov 14, 2012
Southern Massachusetts
From what I have read, the male red sex-links look totally different than the females (almost completely white with some black in the tail) which makes sexing easier and accurate. I hope this is true, because I have 6 that looked like yours at that age, and I can't have a rooster. Good luck!

ky chicken mom

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Thanks...Im going to hope for the best...all are supposed to be pullets...I guess time will tell...I am proud to sat I think i have 2 roosters from my hatching eggs my friend gave me...they have little nubs starting to grow on there legs...there little mohawk tops are bigger then the others from same batch of eggs...ill post a picture...y'all tell me what you think

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