I caught her laying.

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9 Years
Jul 22, 2010
Anderson, Texas
This will be my second egg from her. She layed 2 days ago but not yesterday. I just got back from the coop & she layed another one.Not knowing what to do I went in to try & get the egg she sounded mad so I left. I was thinking she was gonna eat it. Anyway she is now sitting on it .What should I do .
What kind of chicken? How old is she? How long since she laid the egg? My hens have to "dry" their egg off before they will leave it. They squat/stand over it for a while and you can see that the shell is still wet.

If it's only her 2nd egg, I doubt she's broody, but you never know. How many birds do you have?
She just layed it. She is a RIR. She's 25 weeks. I have 10. I watched her lay it & she looked as if she wanted to eat it. So not knowing what to do I went in to get the egg while she was still sitting on it. She made a sound like hey what are you doing. So I left.
Your right. I went back to the coop & she was gone. Got the egg . It was still warm & ate my first two eggs from her it took 3 days but it was worth it. They were small but perfect. Hopefully, she will get better at it and the others will start to participate. Guess , I'll go tell her thanks for breakfast. She will want more treats so guess I'll bring her some. Later & Thanks. 7L
You'd be irritable and want to rest a bit if you squeezed something that large out too...lol
Those first eggs sure are gratifying, aren't they??
I think that it must depend on the chicken. Our Golden Sex Link goes into the box, lays her egg, and is out of there in less than 20 minutes. Our Barred Rock sits there for 2 hours every time. I'm not sure where in that time period she actually lays her egg but woe to anyone human or chicken who tries to mess with her during the process. She has the nastiest growl!
Yes they are & tasty. She didn't try to peck me but I could tell she wanted her space. Guess it was a learning experience.I'll definitely leave them alone if they keep producing eggs. She layed at 715 am. So hopefully again tomorrow an hour later right. Also, I heard no song or squatting. So far my chickens have never been real vocal.

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