I cheated on my girls......


9 Years
May 28, 2010
West Jefferson
Since they have all decided to go through their first molt at 9 months of age and I'm only getting 2 eggs a day, I had to pick up eggs at the store and hide them from their sight, felt like cheating though.

I hate the taste of store bought eggs and the thought that I'm feeding these slackers for nothing makes me tinge, they better start again soon, I can't eat those nasty eggs much longer. I think next year I'm going to stagger the new girls so I'll have more eggs come winter time or I'll be hoarding all eggs in fall and none to the customers!
So sorry. I haven't had to buy eggs in years although there was one year where production was so low that it got close. Staggering really does help. I prefer fall chicks, because they are starting to lay right around now and that helps to keep production up over the winter while the older girls are molting. So, every Fall, I add a few new chicks to my flock, and cull a few of the older birds, and that seems to get me through the slow season.
I'd like to cull a few to make room for the new girls, but the wife and daughter would be upset if their favorite birds become *MIA*
For those of you, who start late summer or fall hatches what is your favorite month/timeframe to add your birds to stay in eggs all winter?

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August works pretty well. This year I had a hen go broody on Jul 29th. I set eggs under her Aug 2nd, and the resultant "chicks" are now 22 weeks old. They are looking quite red in the face and I think will start laying sometime this month.
I feel your pain. I haven't had an egg in 6 weeks. I'm waiting patiently, because I know they will be laying again soon and they are so worth it. I've had to buy eggs in the store. My marans just aren't the best winter layers. I bought some production red pullets, just to have some Winter layers, but ended up selling them to people desperate for eggs.

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