I Chose The Black Jersey Giants


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Aug 26, 2014
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I just placed my order for 25 Black Jersey Giant pullets & 3 roosters i have read that they are fairly good layers & they get VERY BIG i was thinking of ordering Black Australorps but after i did alot of researching i chose the Black Jersey Giants I know that the Black Australorps are better layers BUT the Black Jersey Giants lay good themselves so we shall see. The Black Jersey Giants do take longer to mature than the Black Australorps do i already have 21 pullets of various breeds & i am needing more hens to increase the amount of eggs people are going crazy over the eggs we get & with the number of layers i have currently just isn't enough & i have always liked big chickens & black chickens are my top pick of them all for me . Let me know what you folks think of the Black Jersey Giants. Here are a few pics of my current flock

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Apr 17, 2015
Long Beach, WA
Hatchery Jersey Giants probably aren't going to get as big as you think they might. I have one Jersey Giant hen and two Australorp hens, all hatchery sourced. I can't tell the difference between them until they pick up their feet. My Giant is actually a bit smaller then my Australorps.

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