I could cry *Banty Tractor*

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    4 walls, I'M SO HAPPY! After starting it Wednesday, I began to get frustrated. Dogs kept getting in the way, one got hit by a car *he's okay* Mom kept saying "TIME FOR SOFTBALL" [​IMG] It's hard building coops! This tractor is DECENTLY taking shape. I began to care less as the temperature dropped. A lot of corners look bad, since the frame is warped. Nothing a little paint, ignoring, and moulding won't help... [​IMG]

    I have decided to paint it Navy Blue, have a white palruf and white moulding. I figure it should look nice. I want to make a flower box, and have a cute sign on the front. I'll attach a picture of what I want the sign to look like.

    This is the front of the tractor. I will have a little door on it, so I can get to the chickies and a door on the run, in case of emergencies *It's always good to have easy access to the run* It looks good on this side...

    You should be able to notice the monked up corner.

    What I want on my flower box
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    Nice job. Can't wait to see it when it's finished
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    Good Job your doing and the chickens won't even notice the monked up corner.
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    For a 1st project you did an AWESOME JOB. I really mean that hands down thats a good job.

    U can trim up that corner with a Sawzall or a circular saw. Ask family member or an adult who is a friend of the family to help out for a few min as they can be a very aggressive and dangerous tools to use. Somone with some expierence. If no help is available then just leave it alone!!!!!

    Besides it gives it some personality! Id say square up the roof properly and ignoring the over hanging plywood tho so it can be trimmed later if you choose to. Dont off set everything else to hide the cutting error on that piece of plywood!!!!

    #1 rule of building. Measure twice and cut once!

    If you dont have a square u can cross measuring with a tape to check for square.

    If you must cut on an already cut piece of lumber measure from your square factory sides and cut off your previous cuts edge.

    For a 1st project you did an AWESOME JOB. 2 thumbs up for sure!
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