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    I have a couple of chickens that have a bare spot or quickly becoming a bare spot right above their tails. So I assume its the rooster and make saddles for them. Well, it didn't work, they don't lay right and hang to the right or left. Of course, the constant pecking and pulling from the chickens doesn't help. So I bring them in and modify them and try again. Still, doesn't work. [​IMG] I won't bore you but let's put it this way I did this about five times. No luck.

    I then decided to put Blue Lotion on the bare spots so that they wouldn't peck and that it would hopefully help a little. I did only two because some still kind of turn around and pull at the feathers below. It almost look likes they are trying to comb them to make them lay right. But it worries me. [​IMG] How do I know it's not like a bug of some kind instead of the rooster being the culprit.

    Also, a week or so before all this I realized my rooster has a bare spot on his bottom. It was pretty red. I had put Blue Lotion on it but the spot is still there. I don't know if this has something to do with the hens or if this is seperate. I do know that when he tries to mate with a hen sometimes she'll turn around and run after him and kinda peck at him. SO i guess they could have pecked at his feathers there over time and then he pulls out their feathers when he mates them. I just want to make sure and ask WHAT DO I DO??

    I forgot to mention not all the hens have a bare spot. PLEASE help! I'm getting worried.
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    Try increasing the protein in their diet, since it could be featherpicking all around. Feathers are made of protein. So sometimes, if you increase the protein, they will stop.

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