I cracked the wrong egg...HELP!!!

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    So, today was day 21 on my incubation cycle. I had one that pipped and have been waiting for the rest. Well, i went ahead and candled the eggs to see if i had any internal pips and i had one that was completely clear, and one that had a blood ring. I decided to take those two out and throw them away to give the ones that were still alive more room. As i was thinking, i had no positive way to tell that the blood ring chick was actually dead, so i put it back in the incubator and went to crack the clear one and throw it down the garbage disposal. When i cracked it open, I realized that i had actually put the clear one back in the incubator!!! Turns out, the blood ring chick was alive, and there was a lot of blood. It's still alive and i have it wrapped in a warm towel and back in the incubator. Does anyone think that this chick could survive? I mean, by the way it looks, it still had a couple of days left before it would even try to pip. If i keep it in the towel do you think it might have a chance???

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    It might, but it depends on how much blood it looses, and if the membranes dry out due to humidity fluctuations.

    While candling is oh so tempting, generally it is not a good idea to handle eggs after day 18, when you have increased the humidity prior to hatch. Opening the incubator alters both the heat and humidity levels, and in addition increased the risk of accidental damage to the eggs. Chicks need to rest unmoving for a few days prior to hatching.

    Hope it turns out OK for you.

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