I created a ruckous in the Dentist office with my eggs!

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  1. chickensassy

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    Jul 25, 2011
    Little cute story for you...Last Christmas my sweet husband suprised me with 6 baby Buff Orpington chicks and an adorable Chicken house(a small requirement that it be cute) I had one chicken die the first time she layed an egg and gave away the extra roo to my boss a dentist who put it in the back yard of the dental office. The patients loved it an he is hooked on chickens! I decided reciently to get more chickens and won an auction for Lavender Orpington eggs here on BYC. Im new at this but I promptly purchased an incubator and waited 5 days for my eggs. I was very excited almost could not work the entire day they were to arrive! Good thing I got my boss (Dentist) hooked on chickens reciently because he was just as excited as I was! I had the eggs shipped to my dental office because it is hell degrees here in east Texas. When the eggs arrived by our very friendly mail man...he came in the large lobby with box of eggs in hand announcing to the entire lobby of about 25 patients that someone here got eggs in the mail and this created an excitment through the entire office within minutes! I promptly got off the phone because it would not wait until the end of the day because I felt what it was like to be a rock star and have people rush the stage! I had patients getting up from the dental chair to see! I litterally had to take the box of eggs around to everyone and show them off...or there may have been a riot! LOL! This excitment has continued since. We have patients calling and asking how my egg babies are doing and requesting to be notified upon arrival of baby chicks! We have even had two patients begin to keep back yard chickens since and the doctor has added to the back yard rooster. He plans on incubating some eggs promptly after I am done! I have created a fad here in Sulphur Springs. LOL! I especially enjoyed the chickens hatching drawn on the outside of the box...nice touch! I cant wait till hatch day and hope I have a good hatch. Kari

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    Jul 31, 2008
    are you hatching them IN the office?... I think that would be cool...
  3. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
    New Jersey
    My dentist is a poultry enthusiast as is my family doctor. [​IMG]
  4. HorseFeatherz NV

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    How exciting [​IMG]

    Just think of the chicken love you are spreading - fantastic job. [​IMG]

    And bestest hatching vibes on your eggs. [​IMG]
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    Cute story...you are a great messenger for the world of back yard chickens! [​IMG]

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