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    I candled eggs Day 15 and eggs Day 7. Five of my Day 7 eggs were clears [​IMG] , that leaves 12- heh heh, one I wasn't sure about and when I tried to take it out of the turner to candle it outside the incubator-it was stuck. Almost got me again..I got it out with very careful persistence..leaky egg. All the Day 15 eggs (20) are showing great growth and veining.

    Since that left six openings and I have nine show girl eggs(Day 1), I decided just to pull out my nine Silkie eggs on Day 15 and put them in the incubator without a turner. I have to go purchase eating eggs today, so that I can have another cardboard carton for my eleven EE, that are also on Day 15. Then I will move them out of the turner and into the same incubator with the Silkies.

    If I just prop the incubator up on one side and change sides three times a day for these eggs, I won't have to open the incubator again until they are all hatched and dry. (except for Sat. and Sun. when they will only be propped once each day).

    No, I have not yet figured out where I am going to put the 50+ quail eggs that should arrive today.

    I think I need another incubator...

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