I definitely thought this was a pretty little hen.. but now... hm...


9 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Langley, BC, Canada
I was looking at the hen today as she wandered around me.. and notice what looked like little teeny weeny spurs....


And many hens have what look like spurs, anyway. Most of MINE do... they just don't grow into the big ol' spurs like those of the roosters.

I think you've got quite a nice little pullet there.
The spurs aren't the things I'm noticing. Both males and females can have spurs.

But, it is a male. He has some brand new pointy saddle feathers coming in. You can see them as the lighter, shinier feathers just behind his wings and in front of his tail on the second photo.
All chickens have spur buds. Some hens even develop spurs. Looks like that cockerel is developing rooster-typical saddle and hackle feathers. Sorry.
Spurs are almost never a thing I look at when sexing a chicken. . . However, how old is he/she? Because the face, comb, waddles, and tail base, shape, and amount of black point to a possible cockerel. It all depends on age though.
I had a Speckled Sussex hen that had 1 1/2 inch long spurs. Spurs (or spur nubs) are not an indication of sex. The long, thin, pointed saddle and hackle feathers are a definite sign of a roo which, I'm sorry to say, is what you have.

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