I didnt know road island reds go broody ?? Any one else

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    I have this red that had gone broody , she is not laying any fertile eggs seeing the rooster is young and he has tried but those girls will beat him up I only have 2 reds laying eggs all my other birds are still young 16 weeks and under
    So Now all of a sudden she is broody , I didn't know that reds are known for this , is it normal or I don't know what I'm talking about
    I keep making her get out of the box to go eat and drink cause she is sitting on nothing
    this is a pic of her all fulffed out and mad

  2. sourland

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    May 3, 2009
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    "Rhode" Island reds much like any breed or hybrid can and do go broody. Even production bred leghorns will ocassionally go broody. Aren't natural instincts grand.
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    May 26, 2012
    broodiness is very common in hens, even without roosters... some breeds are broody more than others. you should seperate her from the others. kepp her in a small cage (like a dog crate). raise it above the ground with food and water and a perch. she should be broody for a few days, every two days check, keep in mind looks can be decieving she could be broody again within a few hours. she will not lay for about a week, so dont be afraid if she stops laying!

    any questions, just send me a pm!
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    Hatchery RIRs are not known for it, but true heritage RIRs are supposed to reproduce themselves on their own, as are all heritage breeds. Hatchery stock has had that bred out of them.

    For instance, I've owned Barred Rocks for years, all either straight from the hatchery or descended from hatchery hens. Never have I had a broody BR. Last year, I acquired good heritage lines and now, I have my very first broody Barred Plymouth Rock hen.

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