I didn't want that Cheese stick anyway


Oct 2, 2017
New Hampshire
So sitting out in the chicken pen like I do often. I was eating my yummy ole mozzarella stick. Now anything I have in my hand my flock thinks it's theirs, But this was the first time they said hmm Mine and run off with what I had, Then came back for more.
Sally my 4 year old NH red, is the one that usually will stand right in front of my feet and will not move if she sees I have food in my hand, 99% of the time yes, it's treats for them.

The other day I was giving them corn on the cob, i put it in different places throughout the pen because the little ones get scared around the bigger ones when it comes to food, While I was bending down to put a piece in a pan, my little 3 month old barred rock just jumped up and tried to eat the one I was holding.

I tell ya, chickens are non stop amusement for me. It's like running a daycare


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
Mine will mug me coming home from store if theres bananas in the bag, they seem to love those too. your so right they are not stop comedy, and give me a reason to get up even when I'm hurting bad.

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