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    chickens will too play with toys. At least mine will.

    I've got my month old rsl's in a flight cage for brooding, adn in that filght cage there are perches and a pan for dust bathing, of course, but there's also a bunch of parakeet toys. Bells with mirrors, balls with bells, etc.

    I have just spent the past half hour watching all four of those girls go *wild* over a string of balls with bells inside them trying to get them loose. They jump over each other, pull at them, the balls ring and swing back and they go squawking in a circle and attack again.


    Every so often they stop, find something else to do, but come back to it after a drink or bite to eat or nap. ....and now one's dust bathing under it and another just jumped on top of her to get to it. ...chickens are fun.
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    LOl, you'll have to take pics!
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    I tried! I just got a red and white blur. I need a better camera.

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