I dont know how to treat my hen.....and a turkey problem

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    Aug 3, 2011

    I bought a hen(adult, idk her age) about 2-3 weeks ago from a auction and she seemed healthy the first week and then she disappeared. I didn't see her for about a week and i assumed she fell victim to the fox. while i was counting chickens one night i looked under the nest boxes and found her crammed up under there. The next morning she hadn't come out so i pulled her out and noticed she was very sick. She pretty much couldn't stand up when i first pulled her out, i thought she had been trampled by the sheep but i think it was from being stuck under the nest box for a week. Now she stands fine but she does seem a little unstable. I immediately gave her fresh water and then seperated her. Her first poop was like straight foam and now it is just liquid with a chunk her and there, but i don't see any blood in it. One poop was all white i believe. She is eating but not much and she is drinking, she is bone thin, Her come is very pale, she doesn't move much and she just sits there with her eyes closed most of the time. She doesn't have any swelling on her face or the sniffles or anything to indicate a respiratory problem. I have noticed though that she shakes her head pretty often. She has been on Duramycin-10 since the 28th of july and she seems a little better, but she is far from feeling better. I don't know if i should treat her for coccidiosis or worms or what. I tried giving her plain cultured yogurt mixed with her food to help her digestion and she eats it but she doesn't eat very much and i got her to eat a little wet cat food but again, she only ate a little. I've also been putting nutri-drench in her water. What should i try next? If she has coccidiosis wouldn't she be dead by now? I'm really trying to save her because she is a fighter. I don't know how she survived a week under a nest box with no food or water in 100 degree heat. It blows my mind.

    I also got 6 little turkeys the same day i got the hen. 2 days ago i noticed one of the turkeys was acting punk so i separated her and noticed she was really sick. I tried giving her some nutri-drench and duramycin-10 in a bowl of water and i squirted some in her mouth. An hour after i found her she could hardly stand and couldn't hold her head up and when she did get her head up she couldn't hold it straight, it swayed left to right constantly. An hour later she was dead. I went and checked all my other chickens and turkeys and i found another one that was acting a little punk. I picked it up and looked it over and set it down and she just nested where i set her down. I separated her and she doesn't seem very sick but she doesn't seem to be eating much and she did have some...i wouldn't call it diarrhea ...but her poop was just like a big blob like a pancake. I have had her on Duramycin-10 for 2 days. A and have been trying to give her some cultured yogurt mixed with her food but she wont eat it. Any idea on what might be going on?

    Just to be safe and to try to stop an outbreak i put the whole flock on Duramycin-10.

    Thanks for any help.
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    wow what a nightmare your going threw, I hope the rest of your flock stays happy and healthy, I wish I had something to add to help but Im very new to chickens and turkeys ( I have both) good luck with with everything!!
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    I dont understand what "punk" is.
    I recommend that you worm your new birds. Type "worming" in the BYC search box. It'll take you to tons of info on worming. Practice biosecurity as well. Good luck.
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    Aug 3, 2011
    "punk" means acting sick, down, depressed, lethargic.

    I heard one of my cornish rocks cough this morning and i seperated her and i can hear her wheezing, coughing, and sneezing. I also noticed one eye looks a little watery and it looks like she has bubbles on it. She has been on the duramycin with the rest of the flock. should i try some tylan?
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