i don't know the difference between medicade and medicare

yep , and those on medicaid didn't all pay into SS. Just away the SS money got moved to help cover those that lost welfare. One door closed another one open.
Yes, you can and should apply for both and hope they qualify. If a patient is "Medi Medi" (has both) more of their bills are covered, and like it or not they will get better care.
My husband just turned 60, was on disability for 5 years before he retired this year, but after two years of disability you qualify for medicare also. You don't have to be over 65. There is probably a lot more to it, but he isn't here to tell me about it. He keeps up on his 110% of the time, because he learned if you don't care of yourself, no one else will.

Medicaid is a state funded "gift" to those who are not able to work, make low income, or are otherwise disabled. It is horribly abused, but I also know it pays a teeny amount to doctors, hospitals, and etc. in comparison to insurance (which is also negotiated down) and cash patients.

My DH blogs and some politician here in Illinois made a remark on his blog that medicare was "an entitlement" I think the term was, and DH went ballistic and told him that was a bunch of $#@#$## because he had paid into SS since he was old enough to work, and no way was SS an entitlement. He EARNED it. I don't talk about stuff like this to him too much. Soap box time if I do.
Yes those on SS and SSDI Earned those benfits. Was not meant for welfare, which our goverment , decided to replace when States started cracking down on those on welfare, and state aid. Medicaid(note aid) and SSI just rob from our Seniors and giving to those on welfare that ran out....SSI and medicaid should have never been.....IMO

"Why not take it from those in congress retirement plans" not our seniors that have worked and payed into SS all their life, NO WONDER SS IS GOING BROKE

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