I don't think I could ever know everything about ducks

DuckMama 323

Jul 12, 2020
In over 22 years of rescuing ducks & chickens, they still find ways of testing my knowledge and I still get stumped by things, each one is different and unique, I absolutely love them all and know I can't save them all (or keep them all) but they test my wit, my patience, and my heart daily....
And I have discovered recently that 2 of my girls talk in their sleep.... Anyone else have ducks that do this?? ❤🦆💜🦆:jumpy
My ducks even manage to confuse my avian vet from time to time. 😉

I'm not sure about the sleep talking - but that wouldn't surprise me. They are always chattering away about something aren't they? "Can you believe the provider of resources only took us for a 5 hour walk today? Unbelievable!"
My ducklings and ducks not only talk while they sleep, they also have dreams and sometimes move in their dreams, like a dog chasing something and moving its legs.
My Spring ducklings from last year even seem to have nightmares: While they were sleeping in their brooder in my office there were soft chirps until one of them suddenly woke up, screaming like something had tried to eat it.

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