I don't think I know anything about my chickies (pic heavy)


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Mar 27, 2012
They are 7 weeks now. I don't have any pics on my computer from recently but DH is going to try to get some today so I'll add if I can. Anyway, I was told I was getting black australorps and an amerucauna, all pullets. I got nervous Henrietta was a Henry because his/her comb was bigger than my other black one and then it got red at the base and on his/her chops. But then I was looking at pics today and decided I don't really think s/he's even an australorp. Maybe a Barred Rock or Cuckoo Maran?? Both black ones were black and yellow chicks. Now the one (gender in question) has a lot of white spots and the other one has very irredescent colored black feathers. What are they?? Just for good measure I'm throwing in pics of my yellow one too in case I don't know anything about its breed or gender either.

2 days

4 weeks

5 weeks

Yellow chickie at 5 weeks -- turned red

Black ones at 6 weeks.

Can't believe how much they've changed in so little time! I wasnt taking these pics to ID them so like I said I can try to get some better ones of face color/legs/etc but I'm intersted to hear what others think.
Wow, cute chickies and kid :).

You are right, those chicks are not exactly what you ordered, unfortunately. You have a Barred Rock, a Production Red, and one Australorp (black one).

The Barred Rock is defintely looking very roo. The Australorp isn't showing any signs of male-ness from what I could see in the pics, and the Production Red I'm on the fence about. Do you have any pictures of them individually? I know they're hard to catch up with at this age, but a shot of them standing naturally and not being blocked by the other birds would be ideal.
Man, after I started looking at pics of other possible breeds I got a small shimmer of hope that he might be a she afterall
We're in the city and while I've contemplated trying to keep him, I suspect it isnt going to go over very well with the neighbors. Maybe I can bribe them with fresh eggs? :D

Super disappointed that the red one might be a male as well :( I suppose this is what happens when you buy from a back yard breeder who appears to be pretty new. I started with 5 -- two died in the first week and now 1-2 males! Ah. I'm going to get more pics when I go home for lunch today. Post more then. Thanks bunches!!
Lunchtime pics -- these were taken today.



Herkey -- posted the second one because you can really see some red in her/his comb that you don't see in the first but s/he hasn't developed longer waddles like Henry.

Herkey is an easter egger cockerel. Henry is probably a black sex link cockerel - a barred rock cockerel would be a lot lighter with much better defined barring.

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