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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by featherfinder, May 5, 2011.

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    So my BF brought home 2 indian runners a little over a month ago and gave them to me. About a week later he told me that once they were grown i was going to have to get rid of them that he did not want pet ducks running around in our apartment. He told me he was going to release them at some pond and i got really upset (already being attached) and say no that they would die. He said i could keep them then and i have been taking care of them ever since. They are like my babies and i love them and am super attached since they are pets after all. Well tonight after i give them there bath he tells me that they are getting to big and he no longer wants them here cause he wants to get a dog and the ducks interfer with that because the dog will eat them. Im afraid that i am going to come home one day and they will not be here. I have told him many of times how much i want to keep them cause i am the one that takes care of them and they are always following me since they have diapers and even sleep beside the bed next to me. They are terrified of him and want nothing to do with them because he is mean and always scares them. I dont know wat to do to try and convince him to let me keep them because i really want to keep them and they are completly spoiled here. Any ideas would help. If i dont convince him soon i will be forced to find them a new home so that way i know they will go to a good home and not just be released to die somewhere. [​IMG]
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    Wow, I'm sorry, but I think I would rehome the boyfriend.
    That's pretty tacky to give you a pet that he KNEW was going to grow and then say he is going to dump them at a park somewhere because they're too big.
    Sorry, I wish I knew what to tell you, but I'd probably give him a big 'ol [​IMG]
    Advertise them on Craigslist if you want to get rid of them-don't let him dump them somewhere.
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    Get a new boyfriend. The one you have sounds like a loser.
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    [​IMG] Ditch the boyfriend
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    Sorry your having to go through so many ups and downs over your babies. I would have to ask him if you didn't want me to have the ducks, then why did you bring them home? I couldn't imagine having my hubby say that to me, I would probably send him packing instead of the ducks! (just kidding). I really don't have any positive advice to give you because it upsets me as to how he is treating you and the ducks. But I will tell you that with some training the ducks and dog can coexist. I hope someone can keep you some positive feed back about your situation. Good Luck!
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    Quote:I had the same exact thought!
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    Yikes, that's pretty sad! So, he gets to have the pets he wants and you don't? Is he like that on all things or on just the ducks? Hmmmm.

    Perhaps you can line up a list of people nearby who will take them for you and let you come visit before it's too late..

    By the way, how did you end up with ducks in an apartment? I don't know of any place that's zoned for that or a landlord who would like that if they knew.
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    Quote:WHY would you stay with a man thats mean to animals??? Sorry, but, IMO, that doesnt say much about you either. [​IMG]
    And if hes being mean to them.. and you want to stay with this person. Then, YES, you NEED to do the right thing and rehome the ducks. They dont deserve to be treated badly by some jerk wad.
    I feel bad for any dog he gets also...
  9. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
    Western MA
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    Quote:X2 Ducks are so much better anyway! [​IMG]
    featherfinder, I hope your boyfriend gives in (like he should) and you get to keep your babies!!! [​IMG]

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