I dont want to give up on her, but Im so discouraged...

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    I have a gorgeous little show d'Uccle hen that has been sick for at least 2 weeks. (if you recall my posts earlier I am having a problem with some of my flock being under the weather) The only thing I can see wrong is an eye problem. One is sealed shut. other than that no discharge, sneezing, coughing, nothing. She is lethargic, and will only drink if i show her where the water is, and not much. She had this go on about a month ago with congestion, and i treated her diligantly with an oxine nebulizer treatment. She recovered perfectly, but within 2 week rebounded and is sick again. I have been doing the same thing, treating her twice daily with an oxine nebulizer treatment and have been droppering a mixture of green tea, water, honey, and a few drops of oxine and sometimes baby bird handfeeding formula for food to her twice a day as well.

    She looks miserable, but the reason I havent given up on her yet is because she is spunky at times. She still preens, she fights when I pick her up or try to give her water...she is still strong. Most birds when they look like she does are just all around lethargic and dont care what you do to them. She was dilusional for a while, when she was moved didnt seem like she could see straight and she would move her head like she was dizzy (if you have ever held a chicken and turned in circles or just moved them quickly you know how they move their heads) But that seems to have subsided now.
    But she has been like this for the past 2 weeks at least, and she is not getting better, but not getting worse. By this time last time she was showing improvement. I just started her on antibiotics.

    Im getting discouraged, and it is frustrating when I spend 30 minutes droppering her fluid and when I go to put her away she flaps and all the water I just gave her pours back out of her beak. I would feel horribly guilty to give up on her. I just feel every bird should get a fighting chance. My motto with them is "as long as you are fighting, I will too".

    I would love support or advice....but please dont dispirit or scorn me. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I really don't have any advice; it sounds like you're doing so much already. But you're right, as long as the animal doesn't appear to have given up, I wouldn't give up either... I hope that someone who recognizes the symptoms will take a look at your post and offer some good advice. [​IMG]
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    I'm so sorry your girl is not feeling well.[​IMG] I don't really have advice, other than to maybe call an avian vet. I hope she starts feeling better soon. Maybe when you give her the fluids, you could just leave her sitting where she is while you feed her(as opposed to having to pick her up and put her back), and then maybe the stuff won't come back out.
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    she is lucky she has you. I will keep my fingers crossed for a full recovery. good luck

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