I doubt myself way too much... Serama 6 months


Mar 2, 2019
Alright, so I was certain this little one was a cockerel because of the comb since it was about 8 weeks old. It is now 6 months and I am really doubting myself. The saddle feathers almost look rounded like a pullet to me. The hackles look like cockerel feathers to me. All of my other cockerels were crowing and trying to breed at 2 months. This one has not made a peep ever and it is surrounded by crowing roosters. I put it with another young cockerel growout and that one is constantly trying to breed to this one. When I put it with a young pullet grow out, it never tried to breed. Is this a weird girl or a submissive male?


In comparison, this is one of my pullets at the same age.

This is a cockerel of mine about the same age (maybe a month younger)
Thank you! Since he’s not crowing or trying to breed, is he likely really submissive? Is there anything I can do to get his hormones going?
If there is another, more dominant male around then he will the back seat until the other male is removed.

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