I everyone, I'm from Vietnam!!


7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
It's great to be here and start a whole new journey with everyone. My name is Hoang and I live in Vietnam. I'm not so unfamiliar with chickens, since I grew up with ducks and pigs and chickens and paddle rice fields all my childhood. I've been keeping birds for years, many years, as a way to keep my childhood memories alive and vivid in colours. As a 27 years old guy, I'm happy sharing my life with my birds.
Here are some of them:

I never thought of having a chicken, yeah, I don't hate them,I just don't want to keep them, since they're too big to me.
But then, one rainy evening, I came home after work and found a little chicken in my yard, totally wet, frightened, and cold. I had no idea where that little thing had come from or how it could get into my yard since the gate is 4 meters high with bamboo cover all over the top. But as a bird lover, in general, I couldn't let that chicken die, so I brought him inside, kept him warm, and fed him some seeds of the finches. "Well, somebody is gonna come to me and ask for it back eventually"-I told myself.
No one ever came along and asked for it back.
So guess it had to stick with me, happy or not. :)
Here he is, after a month or so living with me:

And he keeps on growing:

And growing...oh wow, time flies. I had a rooster now:

Then I told myself, well, it's not that bad having a chicken/rooster in the garden, at least he will keep me from being late for work. Besides that, he's very friendly and will come to me as I call or when I get back from work. Maybe he's just hungry or something, but hey, that makes me happy. Some of my friends said "that chicken is not worth keeping, he's too ugly and you don't know what breed he is, so why wasting time?", and I disagreed. Yes, I don't know what breed he is, but why being so harsh on an innocent creature, right?
As it goes, I had my first chicken.

Then, another day, I came to my friend's home, and noticed a beautiful rooster in such a terribly small cage. My friend keeps mostly pheasant and by that time he was running out of cages, so unimportant birds, like that chicken, will be temporarily put in whatever space he could fit them in. "You like it, huh? Bring it home, C'mon, I'm running out of room for all of them"--he said
I was really confused, wondered what I was gonna do with that offer, and what I would do if I brought that chicken home, I didn't even know how to handle the one at my own home right now, left alone a new one...
"Well, if you don't bring it home, it's gonna end up as chicken stew this evening, no mercy"

So, I brought another chicken home.
He is a beautiful rooster, about 4-5 months old, a hybrid between wild red jungle fowl with domestic chicken, extremely tamed even though he can fly real fast and high. right now, I'm the only one in my family can get really close to him, pat him on the neck/back without having him running away like crazy. :)
Here, have a look at my new friend:

As you guys see, I don't know what to do, many months ago I didn't even expect myself having too roosters around. I have knowledge on keeping birds in general, about the genetics and nutrition needs, but with chicken, I'm a noob. This is new.
Wild guess, I'm gonna stick with our forum here for a really, really long time, maybe some stupid questions in the near future, but hey, after all, I think I should say hi to you guys first, and my story is how I say it.

Hope you can help me out alot in this new journey, cuz, like every new journey, it's gonna be amazing!!! :)

*edited: if any of our moderators of the forum read this, please help me edit the title of topic to "Hi everyone, I'm from Vietnam". I don't know where the letter "H" gone when I posted the topic, but right now that typo is really bugging me, and maybe bugging everyone too. Sorry for the inconvenience. :(
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Hi, Welcome to BYC from Wisconsin USA....
Wow, those are really pretty birds in the first pictures.....what are they? finches?...
Also, we are all happy to answer any questions you might have about chickens.
Very pretty birds indeed! Welcome. I am from North Carolina, USA :) Hope you are doing well
I too am new and I have to say the people here are amazing.
I love your finches and you are indeed lucky to have 2 such beautiful roosters. Have you named them??

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